Riccardo Marca in Brazil – Video & Interview

Italian freestyle pro Riccardo Marca released a new video with great action from his trip to Brazil.

12 year-old Jahdan Tyger – Video & Interview

Jahdan Tyger is a kid from Jericoacoara, who already lands radical moves. Watch a 2 minute long clip featuring the 12 year-old windsurfing grom.

Klaas Voget – Interview

It's never getting boring for the 37 year-old windsurfer. We hooked up with the busy pro windsurfer and father of a family.

International Windsurfing Tour – An Interview with Sam Bittner

We hooked up with Sam Bittner to find out more about the background of the "new" International Windsurfing Tour (IWT).

Robby Swift about Chile – Video & Interview

Robby Swift rides the perfect left handers in Chile, where he spent Decmber 2016.

Timo Mullen in WA – Video & interview

Don't dream about waves, just go for it. Timo Mullen did it and "had one of the coolest lads trips ever". Read more about it.

Yarden Meir in Brazil – Video and interview

After a little break Yarden Meir plans a comeback on the PWA tour. Interview & Video.

Kevin Pritchard wins the Aloha Classic 2016 – Interview

We spoke with Kevin Pritchard, who still can't believe his Aloha Classic victory.

Sarah-Quita Offringa about winning the 2016 Aloha Classic

We hooked up with Sarah-Quita to speak about her Aloha Classic victory, which came somewhat unexpected.

Boujmaa Guilloul wins the AWT title 2016 – Interview

Moroccan wave acrobat Boujmaa Guilloul won the AWT tour for the first time. But he isn't 100% happy with his current performance. Read more.

Victor Fernandez wins the Wave World title – Interview

The new PWA wave World Champion 2016 in an interview with Chris Yates.

Timo Mullen at home – Video & Interview

Timo Mullen: "I figure that if my level is still relevant to todays windsurfing then hopefully someone will keep sponsoring me, not by the amount of Facebook likes I have!!"

Kevin Pritchard’s Aloha Classic predictions

No one knows Ho'okipa and the local scene better than Kevin Pritchard. Therefore the obvious thing is to speak with Kevin about his predictions for the this years Aloha Classic.

Kauli Seadi fell in love with Sardinia – An interview

We spoke with Kauli Seadi, who obviously got surprised by the potential of the European waves. Read more.

3 Questions to Victor Fernanadez – Video

Victor Fernandez is leading the PWA wave overall ranking at the moment and is looking forward to the next event.

Riccardo Marca – An interview & Video with the Italian freestyle windsurfer

Young, dedicated and a real freestyle addict. This is Riccardo Marca. Watch his latest video and read our interview with the young Italian.

Robby Swift windsurfing in Jaws – Video & Interview

In late February 2016 Robby Swift had an incredible big wave windsurfing session and his worst wipeout in his life.

Interview with Manu Bouvet about the Easter Island trip

Rapa Nui is an extremely isolated island in the southern Pacific Ocean. Manu Bouvet in an interview about the trip to the Easter Island.

Jamie Hancock & friends in Scotland

UTOPIA - a beautiful film by Jamie Hancock about a special wave sailing journey to Scotland.

Interview with Svein Rasmussen – Starboard joins Sustainable Surf’s ECOBOARD Project

Starboard made a large step towards a more sustainable production. Read more about it.

Interview with Ricardo Campello about his status quo

We had a chat with Ricardo Campello, who had to withdraw from the first PWA wave event at Pozo due to a foot injury.

Winners Statements – 2016 PWA Fuerteventura Freestyle

Right after the announcement of the winners we caught up with Sarah-Quita Offringa, Amado Vrieswijk, etc.

Jason Polakow about Jaws – Interview

Jason Polakow in an interview about Jaws, his mates on tour and the danger in big waves.

Nicole Bandini in South Africa and Tenerife – Video & Interview

"When I drop into a big wave I don’t think about the consequences but instead how I can improve my style and push my riding more."