The end of the year and the first months of the new year is the time when plans, budgets and contracts for the upcoming season are made.

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Updated Feb 13, 2024

Cyril Moussilmani on Goya

Cyril Moussilmani from Marseille will ride for Goya Windsurfing. In the past he was on Gun Sails and Tiakicustomshapes from France.

Pierre Mortefon joins Phantom Foiling

The former Slalom World Champion and Defi Wind winner Pierre Mortefon will ride for Phantom Foiling in 2024.

Ricardo Campello parts with Naish Windsurfing

Today Ricardo announced on his Social media channels that he has to part ways with Naish Windsurfing: “Today is the day I announce that I am parting ways with Naish Windsurfing. It has been a real pleasure to be part of the most legendary brand in windsurfing! Working with Robby has been such an honor. As you might have heard, the company was sold mid-last year, and the new owners want to reduce costs and won’t invest in the company’s core business, which is windsurfing! I know Robby is very upset about the decision they have made without his approval.
When I signed with Naish 3 years ago, I thought that the day I retire from competition would be with them. Sadly, this is not going to happen anymore! This really caught me by surprise as the whole team was extremely stoked to have me on board at Naish. We were developing the best equipment and the best image the company had in a while, and I never thought they would let me go, especially on such short notice.
I felt amazing working with the whole Naish team these past 3 years, especially with Michi and Nils Rosenbland and everyone else involved in the past. I personally think I ticked every box, from reviving the whole windsurfing brand and reintroducing it to the windsurfing world, to developing the best equipment the company had in a long time. I repositioned the brand on the podium in 2023, produced amazing photos and videos, and secured magazine and online coverage! I really don’t understand what their goal is, but I honestly just wish them the best.
Windsurfing has been my life since I was 13 years old, and I have dedicated 100% of my time, energy, and risked myself to be the best I can in the sport. This is not the way I wanted to end my career (I’m not saying I’m done yet), but I feel it’s coming to an end. Not because of age or anything like that, but as an athlete, you have to make a living out of the sport; otherwise, there’s no point in doing it!
Currently, I find myself without gear sponsors for the 2024 season. in fact , I’ve Had a substantial Cut in salary from my two other sponsors. many other brands have already closed their budgets, and major companies have already secured their primary riders. This leaves limited opportunities for me.”

Marino Gil Gherardi joins JP and NeilPryde

After 8 years with Goya boards & sails Marino Gil Gherardi announced that it is time for a new adventure. The 21 year-old wave rider, who finished second at the 2023 Windsurf World Cup in Gran Canaria joins JP & NeilPryde. Marino: “I’m stoked to join the Neilpryde and JP Australia family. Makes me so proud to join this team with a lot of history and top riders in it. They inspire me to keep pushing my level and jump into the next step of windsurfing! It’s all about being part of a passionate team, with strong values on and off the water, driven by the desire to give the best we can to our sport.”

Marc Pare returns to Simmer Style

At the end of 2023 Duotone announced the end of the contract with Marc Pare, who was their best ranked wave team rider in 2023. The news obviously also came as a surprise to Marc Pare. But at the end of Januray Marc announced his return to Simmer Style. “We always had an idea that Marc should return to the Simmer Style team, so we are thrilled that this could happen already for 2024. I have known Marc since he was very young and we are close friends. I deeply admire Marc for his commitment, drive and motivation to reach his goal of becoming a World Champion. Besides being one of the most radical windsurfers on the planet, Marc is a great ambassador for the sport and a skilled product developer with an excellent technical understanding of how boards and sails work. Our entire R&D team is highly motivated to start working with Marc again,” said Tomas Persson, Sail Designer Simmer Style.


Daniele Benedetti signs with FMX

Italian racer, who had a great competition year in 2023, signed a contract with FMX for 2024.

Jacopo Testa leaves AV-BOARDS and joins We One

Italian’s top freestyle windsurfer Jacopo Testa will not ride for AV-BOARDS in 2024, although he achieved great results with the brand of Aurelio Verdi. Jacopo won the EFPT title and the PWA vice World title in 2022. In 2024 Jacopo will ride the boards of the new Austrian board brand We One.

Maarten Molenaar joins We One

Maarten Molenaar, freesytler and EFPT tour and media manager  leaves Starboar and joins We One. “I’m proud to announce I will be riding WeOne in 2024! I’m so excited to be on a fresh team full of motivated people with a vision for our sport. Lot’s to come this year and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!”

Maciek Rutkowski leaves FMX Racing

“FMX Racing says a fond goodbye to Maciek Rutkwoski. The 6-year journey with Maciek has been highly successful and all the efforts are very much appreciated, achieved a lot togeter,” writes FMX Racing on their Instagram account.

Maciek writes on his Instagram account: “5 years of growing together from 14th in the ranking to World Champion, from a startup brand to Slalom Constructors Champion and household name. I gave absolutely everything I had for the brand from working on my craft in the water and gym, to heading R&D testing in a time of one of the biggest revolutions in the sport, promoting the boards as hard as I could, even recommending teamriders and more. There are not many brand-rider collaborations this extensive and this close, therefore you get quite emotionally invested and feel a certain sense of attachment, starting to care for the brands’ success as much as your own. So then when you’re reminded that it’s still just a business it simply cannot feel good. But I’m sure at one point I will be able to appreciate what we have achieved together and realize that a year too early is probably better than a year too late! So thank you for all the lessons, including this last one, and see you on the race course! Now onto the next chapter, excited for what lies ahead!”

Antoine Questel

“FMX Racing says a fond goodbye to Antoine Questel,” FMX Racing. The 6 times French Champion and regular Top 10 finisher in the PWA Slalom Antoine Questel, who is actually from St. Barth in the Caribbean announced his retirement after 20 years of professional windsurfing.

Basile Jacquin

“FMX Racing says a fond goodbye to Basile Jacquin,” FMX Racing.

Delphine Cousin

“FMX Racing says a fond goodbye to Delphine Cousin,” FMX Racing. It looks like Delphine focuses on the Olympic windsurfing class more and more and this could be the reason for the end of the collaboration.

Miguel Chapuis leaves JP/NP

The young Spanish wave windsurfer will not ride for JP-Australia and NeilPryde.

“The time has come and after 7 years it’s time to say good bye to NeilPryde and JP-Australia, the first brands that really trusted me and supported me to become who I am today. If I look back I can only be grateful for the opportunity and the trust you had in me! So many amazing memories that will stay with me forever and some results that I could only dream of when I was a kid. I can only expect better things for the future and I am looking forward to this new chapter ahead! Miguel Chapuis

Pierre Mortefon leaves Duotone

After Marc Pare, Pierre Mortefon and his sister Marion have also just announced that they will no longer be supported by Duotone. This decision seemed to have come suddenly and unexpectedly. “What to say, I’m only just beginning to realize,” writes Pierre Mortefon on his Instagram account.  “14 years swept away, at the end of this year, so late, without warning, without soul…“.

Marion Mortefon leaves Duotone and joins Patrik

Marion Mortefon leaves Duotone after 7 years, 8 podium finishes and 2 World Titles and joins Patrik. Marion: “Excited to join this team, passion, dedication, performance, I’m fully ready for it!”

Simon Thule joins Patrick Boards and Sails

Young Danish wave windsurfer Simon Thule left Starboard and Sailloft Hamburg and joins Patrick Boards and Sails.

Steffi Wahl leaves Sailloft Hamburg, joins Goya sails

German wave windsurfer Steffi Wahl will ride with Goya sails from now on. After many years with Sailloft Hamburg she starts a new collaboration.

Dominik Roeckl leaves Sailloft Hamburg

German wave windsurfer leaves Sailloft Hamburg after 11 years of collaboration and rides with Goya Seals from now on.

Jason Polakow now with Quatro/Goya

After about 20 years of collaboration with Neilpryde and JP-Australia Jason Polakow parts with JP and NP and will ride with Quatro brand shapes and Fransisco Goya sails. Jason Polakow: “With a blend of emotions, I am bidding farewell to my incredible 20 year journey with JP and Neil Pryde. I’m thrilled to embark on a new adventure by joining forces with the remarkable teams at Goya and Quatro. It’s an exhilerating fresh start with one of the leading companies in the windsurfing world. I’ve known the dedicated minds behind this usiness, and I’ve had the privilege of riding with the Quattro and Goya crew since the very beginning. They’ve been my windsurfing family and I couldn’t be more excited to team up with them officially. Together, we’re gearing up to ride some epic waves this winter, armed with the absolute best equipment!”

George Grisley changes to Duotone

UK windsurfer George Grisley changed from Loftsails/AV-Boards to the Duotone International team and became European Tow-In Champion right after his switch.

Timo Mullen joins Duotone

UK wave rider Timo Mullen joined Duotone in the end of October 2023 and left Severne after many years of collaboration. 


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