“FREE SPIRIT” is a new documentary film with and by the Israeli windsurfer Dudu Levi. The documentary shows Dudu’s live as a professional windsurfer from Israel, his family and friends, the place where he grew up, the place where he discovered windsurfing and fell in love with it. Filmmaker Julien Bru travelled to Israel and together they were following the wind from the north to the south of the country. The film was shot in May 2023. 

The FPT caught up with Dudu and Julien for and interview about the project. If you want to ready more you can check out the interview here: Interview with Dudu and Julien

For me, the world of videography and movies was connected to windsurfing from the very beginning. After watching a lot of windsurfing movies in the past that taught me, I always got inspired to keep pushing myself. It’s really important to me to pass this feeling on to other windsurfers around the world. I love to see quality and authentic content about athletes, especially in water sports. I feel that this is the art that I create and I enjoy sharing it especially that my level has also improved and can motivate the new generation to get better and enjoy the sport like I do. Dudu Levi

Free Spirit – The journey of an Israeli Windsurfer

Starring: Dudu Levi
Director: Julien Bru
Main videographer: Julien Bru
Edited: Julien Bru
Assistant director and photography: Louis J Mchugh