Thomas Traversa is a super dedicated wave windsurfer, who has won the Red Bull Storm Chase 2013/14, a PWA Wave World title in 2014 and several PWA wave events. And he even made it on a freestyle podium with a third place in Fuerteventura 2007.

But his life is not all about competition. He is addicted to wave windsurfing. The Frenchman from South of France loves to discover new spots and to travel to these places. He discovered a lot of spots, all around the globe, but mainly in Europe at the Atlantic ocean. His favorite 5 windsurfers are Jason Polakow, Josh Angulo, Kauli Seadi, Marcilio Browne and Scott Carvill. He rides on thruster fin setups and his biggest sail size is 4.5m. “I’m a minimalist. I don’t like to travel with so much gear.”

Listen to a very interesting talk between Maciek Rutkowski and Thomas Traversa, who already windsurfed in well known big waves like Nazare, Jaws, Puertito and many more big waves.


Some statements from the interview with Thomas: 

“I hope people don’t get tired of me.”

“I’m an addictive person in general.”

“I’m searching for different experiences. I spend way more time looking on maps than on my sailing style.”

“I don’t like this self promoting just for self promoting.”

“Gilles Calvet brought me everywhere.”

“I only went to Pozo in the past 15 years to be able to go to Indonesia.”

“Never listen to locals.”

“The freestyle was amazing.”


The Windsurfing Podcast with Thomas Traversa Episode # 6 – an interview by Maciek Rutkowski