Air Camp goes Naxos with Dudu Levi and Friends is a over 21 minutes long film about the Israeli freestyle windsurfer Dudu, who travelled to the Aegean island of Naxos in summer and had the time of his life. He hooked up with Stam Promponas and Teo Bathrelos. Timothy captured the wild freestyle action in a perfect way, filmed the Greek riders Stam, Teo and a few guest riders like the Italian Eugenio Marconi, the German Felix Volkhardt and the Austrian Michi Czech and edited another great windsurfing documentary. Julian Wiemar introduces Dudu at the beginning of the video and kind of leads through the documentary. Dudu lands perfect moves, fast and effortless – Grubby into Grubby, Air Bob into Culo, Back Loops, Konos, his first no-handed Burners and many more. The video is about moves, the lagoons, the passion for freestyle windsurfing and the beauty of Naxos island! Thumbs up Timothy, Dudu and everyone else involved in this Air Camp documentary!!!

Short interview with Dudu Levi:

Continentseven: When did you produce the Air Camp Goes Naxos film?

Dudu Levi: The video was shot in August and it took a while to edit it so that it came out in the best way!

What was the main motivation behind the project?

Tim and I decided to work together again after the previous Air Camp film which I took part in and make more quality windsurfing content that will capture the vacation vibes, training and this perfect place Naxos! And it turned out that we were working on something more personal about me!

Why did you choose Naxos as the location for the film project?

August is usually a month I would be in Fuerteventura because of competitions. This year because the event did not take place as usual I had the opportunity to get to know a new place. I choose Naxos Island because of its special conditions of combining a lagoon with a small wave that makes the freestyle much more interesting.

Was it the perfect location for your project?

Naxos is a perfect place to do this kind of project because it is very comfortable to really show the potential of the place and you can get a lot of angles for windsurfing films from the beach and the water! Besides there is so much more to see on the island. Each place is special and worth showing it! This time it was Naxos

Did you travel to Greece in previous years? It’s not too far from Israel, where you live.

It’s the first time I’m windsurfing in Greece! I’m sure I’ll visit more often.

Who was behind the cam and who edited the film?

Timothy Cowen is the videographer, editor and producer of Air Camp! He is insanely talented in photography and also a windsurfer! That way what comes out of his lens is the best it can be!

Are you going to spend the winter in Israel or somewhere else?

The Israeli winter is interesting and fun! But I usually look for places with more consistent conditions. At the moment it is not yet clear where I will spend the winter, maybe I will surprise.

After what seemed like forever, the opportunity arose to catch up with Dudu Levi on his holiday training camp in Naxos Greece this year. Laguna Beach Park definitely did not disappoint, a spot renowned as a “LAB” for freestyle windsurfing. Take a journey through Dudu Levis action packed summer, enjoy a small glimpse of what beauty and conditions the island has to offer, but most importantly, get your Air Camp fix before winter really hits.We will be back next year with more Air Camp… but where and when, well that is up to Zeus. Thanks To Dudu for the journey and hospitality, along with Stamatis, Teo, and all the Greek heroes and family legends we met along the way, also Anna Darina for those epic additional shots, when one camera just isn’t enough… Timothy Cowen from Mothy Media, freelance cinematographer and editor

Air Camp goes Naxos with Dudu Levi and friends (Stam Promponas, Teo Bathrelos) by Timothy Cowen – Video Documentary

Filmed by Timothy Cowen & Anna Darina,

Edited by Timothy Cowen, Co-edited by Anna Darina & Dudu Levi