Yentel Caers from Belgium had his best windsurfing season in 2019. The Belgian windsurfer won the PWA Freestyle World Title and the EFPT title. After a lot of training during the winter 2019/2020 he was ready and prepared for the start of the 2020 season. But the corona pandemic put a halt to almost all windsurfing events. The windsurfing professionals lost a big part of their jobs. So did Yentel, who doesn’t know when he will get the chance to defend his Freestyle World & European title. We caught up with the always relaxed Belgian.


Continentseven: Yentel, how are you doing? How did you make it through the coronavirus pandemic so far. Belgium was hit hard by the pandemic.

Yentel Caers: Yes like everywhere we got on lock down for quite a while, but we luckily were allowed to go outside for sports like biking and running. Nobody of my family/friends got the virus. So lets say it was just a long break of windsurfing.

C7: You just spent a few days in Sardinia, at Sa Barra recently. How was it?

Yentel: Sa Barra was just pure fun! We just went there for 5 days – it was a last minute decision-  as there was a good forecast and we called up Gigi Madeddu (Sa Barra center owner) and Rossel Bertoldo (ex pro windsurfer) that we where coming to the windsurf center. They arranged everything for us over there.

Yentel & Stefania on the road to Sa Barra

C7: Did you enjoy the warmer areas again?

Yentel: I don’t mind to windsurf in cold as long the conditions are firing I’m like a happy kid on the water. But yes, it’s also nice to just go out in a shorty and sail all day long.

C7: There are no contests at the moment. The next event will happen in Switzerland in August, 20 – 23. How sad are you about this situation?

Yentel: It’s really strange to not spend the summer over at the Canary Islands. I was feeling ready for another year of competition. My winter training went super good and was feeling in good form. I still feel ready for it as the pandemic didn’t really effect my sailing. The Engadinwind at Lake Silvaplana will be the first event in 2020, but I see it as a show. I love tow-in, but it isn’t windsurfing.

C7: In 2019 you won almost everything and two big titles! And it looks like your pushed your level again? Your latest video from Sardinia is the best evidence!

Yentel: Pushing the level is what we always do! I feel like I improved quite a lot in consistency in my big moves. But I’m definitely not the only one who did so.

Yentel Caers is constantly pushing his personal level

Yentel Caers is constantly pushing his personal level

C7: Did you land any new combos?

Yentel: Not somethings special, but I’ve been training some waveriding as I want to do it as well in future.

C7: You sailed together with Jacopo Testa, a new strong team mate in the Black team. How was his level on the water?

Yentel: Yes, the freestyle Black team is strong with Taty, Jacopo and me. Jacopo was sailing same as always, lots of style and epic combos.

C7: Who else is on fire at the moment? Amado, Gollito, Steven, Jacopo, Youp, Balz, Sam?

Yentel: So many names to call! I think whole top 16 can be in for the title. Not to forget the Frenchies.  

Yentel Caers nails a Bob at Sa Barra

C7: Yes, of course, we should keep an eye on Adrien or Antony. Did you have now more time to test new equipment and develop new gear even harder?

Yentel: The problem is that the gear got so good that it gets hard to make it any better.

C7: What is be your biggest wish at the moment?

Yentel: Back to normal for everyone…

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