Maciek Rutkowski interviews Swiss Balz Müller, who lives freestyle at 100%. The Swiss works as a landscaper, but makes it it on his different boards as much as possible and is pushing the level on the water in many disciplines. He’s a creative mind and has invented several move combos like the Chock or the Chongka (Chewbongka) improved moves from the past massively like the flat water Cheese Roll. Over the past few years he put the focus on foil freestyle disciplines and lately won world titles in the wing foil and windsurf foil freestyle discipline in his home country. Balz is just 26 years old and he still isn’t on top of his personal skill level. But he finds critical words concerning competition formats in freestyle or self-marketing by riders. We are pretty sure that he found his niche in windsurfing and will land many more crazy moves like double Shifties or triple Air Culos… Keep on pushing Balz and see you on the water!!!

Balz Müller: Everything is sort of possible as long as you get the landing safe.

You got to fail 1000 times and at the 1001 time you gonna land it. And then it’s here, you know! Freestyling and all the tricks, it’s mental. Most of us aren’t born with the skills. You got to do something to stick the moves.

I used to do snowboarding a lot. We did sort of the same rotations like in windsurfing. And if you land wrong on the snow you gonna destroy yourself. And in windsurfing I realized you can crash 1000 times and it’s not gonna destroy yourself. That’s the benefit of the water sport.

My idols were the King of the Lake guys. Freestyle for me is all about the show!

The Windsurfing Podcast with Balz Müller Episode #14 – Interview by Maciek Rutkowski