Ricardo Campello is an unique character in windsurfing. He won 3 freestyle world titles, when he was young. He had great mentors like Josh Stone or  Diony Guadagnino. Several people of the scene say that he is one of the most talented windsurfers and also a big ego. Maciek Rutkowski talks with the Brazilian, who moved to El Yaque Venezuela when he was a kid, about his early days, sponsorships deals, the PWA, about Martin Brandner, his opponents, access luggage bills and goals. The 35 year-old ripper has been trying to win the Wave World title for many year snow. In 2020 he can relax a bit, but 2021 could be his season. At the moment he lives on Maui, together with his girlfriend Diana, and works for Robby Naish.

Ricardo Campello: “I actually miss Martin Brandner. I thought working with him was a total night mare, it was bad, but to be honest, after I worked with others he was an angle.”

The Windsurfing Podcast with Ricardo Campello Episode #8 by Maciek Rutkowski & Windsurfing TV