Pasko – Nicolas Akgazciyan

Watch a great Pasko by Nicolas Akgazciyan.

Back loop one handed one footed – Philip Köster

Philip Köster lands his Backloops almost with 100%.

Air Skopu into Burner – Yentel Caers

The Air Skopu into Burner is an amazing move combination.

Spock 540° – Giovanni Passani

Spock 540° by the Italien freestyle windsurfer Giovanni Passani.

  • Morbihan for ever

    Morbihan for ever

    Big waves, strong wind and great windsurfing at Brittany. Check out this video by Stef Debuire.


Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2016

On Monday the third PWA wave event of 2016 started at Klitmøller. Qualification round is completed.

Gabriele Varrucciu in Sa Barra

Gabriele "Varrux" Varrucciu loves the power freestyle conditions. He had a good session at Sa Barra.

Riccardo Marca – An interview & Video with the Italian freestyle windsurfer

Young, dedicated and a real freestyle addict. This is Riccardo Marca. Watch his latest video and read our interview with the young Italian.

Noah Vöcker-Roche & Alexandre Grand-Guillot in Tenerife

The young generation is pushing hard in the wave discipline. Watch Noah and Alex in action!

Dany Bruch summer 2016

Dany Bruch trained hard at his home turf during summer. Watch brilliant action from El Cabezo!

John Skye’s 2015 year

UK waver John Skye rides great waves in South Africa, Gran Canaria and Maui.

Sebastijan Jankovic freestyling at Risco del Paso

The Slovenian windsurfer Sebastijan Jankovic released a clip with some nice freestyle action filmed at Risco del Paso.

Tom Hartmann at One Eye

Check out Tom Hartmann throwing a couple of turns and airs at the legendary wave of One Eye!

Josep Pons warming up for Klitmøller 2016

After a long working summer Josep Pons had some time to sail and train for the upcoming contest in Klitmøller.

Lars Petersen in Klitmøller

Check out this new FYM Productions edit featuring Danish Pro Lars Petersen D-99 wave sailing in Cold Hawaii during 2016.

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