Forward Loop – Noah Vöcker-Roche

Perfect Forward Loop by Noah Vöcker-Roche at Pozo Izquierdo.

Flaka into Shaka – Steven van Broeckhoven

Perfect Flaka into Shaka by Steven van Broeckhoven at Lake Neusiedl in Austria.

Kabikuchi – Jacopo Testa

Jacopo Testa is one of the freestyle windsurfers who masters the Kabikuchi.

Spock into Spock 540° – Davy Scheffers

Spock into Spock 540° by Davy Scheffers filmed during the 2016 DAM-X event at Brouwersdam in Holland.


Wave action in Galicia, Spain

Flo Jung and Camille Juban ride powerful Atlantic swell in Galicia. Watch a stylish video produced by Pierre Bouras.

One minute with Florian Jung in Mauritius

"Blue Lines" is a short clip ft. German windsurfer Flo Jung in Mauritius. Filmed by Pierre Bouras.

John John Florence is the new 2016 Surfing World Champ

Hawaiian John John Florence is the the 2016 WSL surfing World Champion.

Danish Nationals in waves & freestyle

The Danish National Championships were held in cold conditions. Watch three short videos about the event.

Mattia Pedrani’s Dawn Patrol at Lake Garda

Mattia Pedrani with a perfect Freestyle morning session at Malcesine, just before work starts.

German Freestyle Battle 3.0 Orth Fehmarn 2016

Valentin Böckler and Johanna Rümenapp are the winners of the German Freestyle Battle at Orth.

DAMX EFPT 2016 – Highlight Clip

Steven van Broeckhoven and Sarah-Quita Offringa win the 2016 DAM-X event. Check out the highlights from the event.

Caterina Stenta in Tenerife

Italian wave windsurfer Caterina Stenta with summer action in the waves of El Cabezo, Tenerife.

10 most popular articles last week

Check out the 10 most watched interviews, videos, single moves from the last week.

Cape Town – a video by Tom Deburchgrave

Cape Town wave windsurfing action. Watch a cool clip with good action from January 2016.

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