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Windsurfing Moves

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Greek Style 2019 – Video

Greek´Style 2019 - a freestyle windsurfing video of Salomé & Nascimo Fournier about the summer trip to Karpathos, Greece.

boot Düsseldorf 2020 – INFOS

The boot Düsseldorf in Germany is the biggest boat- and water sports trade fair in the world. Read more and get your free ticket now!!

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What’s up Phil Soltysiak?

Phil Soltysiak: "I do enjoy being able to windsurf from home in Hood River mostly rather than living out of a suitcase and board bag."

Yentel Caers is the 2019 PWA Freestyle Champion – Interview

"We didn’t have the chance to windsurf always, when we were younger. And I still have this motivation, if it’s light wind or strong wind. We always go out."  This is the world champion secret. Read more in our latest interview with Yentel Caers.

Jaeger Stone injured – Interview

Jaeger Stone: I’m happy it’s not worse, but injuries are still difficult to deal with. Your heart sinks when it first happens and you begin to realise you’ll be out for a while."

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