Last Update Juli 7, 2020. 

The end of the year and the first months of the new year is the time when plans for the upcoming season are made. A lot of deals are already done and dusted… some are announced later. Let’s see if many chances will happen due to the current crisis.

Naish, Maui Hawaii: “The Naish International Windsurfing Team is stoked to welcome local Maui ripper Z Schettewi, to the crew! Raised on Maui’s north shore, Z grew up riding some of the best waves and sailing conditions in the world. It is no wonder that the 16 year-old charger is the youngest person to ever windsurf Jaws (at 14 years old!) and has goals to ride some of the most prestigious waves in the world – Mavericks and Nazaré to name a few.”

Z Schettewi: “I am very excited to be part of the Naish team! It’s great to be able to windsurf, kitesurf, wing, foil, and everything on the water with the Naish team everyday, it’s very special to live on Maui and be teamed up with such a great locally based company. Living here close to the beach gives me the resources to live a certain lifestyle and the ability to get out on the water whenever conditions allow, which ultimately is what taught me what it means to become an all-around waterman.”

Z Schettewi joins Naish

Young German wave talent Henri Kolberg announced that he will not ride on Starboard anymore. He is on the surf board brand Sunova, who started to work on windsurfing boards a few years ago.

Henri Kolberg about his change to Sunova: “At Starboard I just couldn’t get the support I need. I have been working with Martin Teichmann, an SUP driver and coach who rides for Sunova, for a couple of years now. Through him the contact came and after the first phone calls I knew immediately that it would fit perfectly. There I can learn a lot myself and work on the boards. The whole team is really cool. I’m really looking forward to working with them. I have ridden the boards a few times now. Until now I only have the Wave 1 in 77 liters. This is the most radical board from Sunova and also quite small. In any case, it is completely different from my old boards. But the session I had so far was mega.” 

Henri Kolberg on Sunova (Photo: Jon Kolberg)

Jake Miller joined Naish: “I’m stoked to say I’m officially riding for Naishsails and boards!! I’m really happy to be working with the whole Naish team full time producing all of their video content as well! I want to send a big thank you to S2 Maui sails and Maui Limited boards for supporting through the years! I’m looking forward to what the future brings.”

Young talented freestyle windsurfer Corto Dumond from New Caledonia rides for Simmer Style. He was on Starboard/Severne in the past and won the PWA Youth champion freestyle title in 2019 and made it in 20th place in the men fleet.He is only 17 years of age!!

Kai Katchadourian, Simmer Team Captain about Corto: “Corto is one of those rare riders who come up in our sport only so often. He is super motivated to push new moves and develop his own unique style. As a Junior, he has already claimed his position amongst the top riders, becoming the PWA Youth World Champ in 2019 We are psyched to have him on the Simmer Style Team and look forward to helping him reach his goals of becoming a new school Freestyle Sailor that claims the podium consistently.”

Corto Dumond joins Simmer Style in 2020 (Courtesy: Simmer Style)

Young French wave talent Baptiste Cloarec is not riding on Severne anymore. He joined RRD for 2020.

Baptiste Cloarec on RRD

Italian top freestyler Jacopo Testa, who left RRD, joined Point-7 for 2020. He as well joined AV-Boards.

Jacopo Testa tests his new freestyle gear in Cape Town

Japanese racer Haruna Furusawa Ozaki joins I-99 for 2020.

French Slalom racer Cyril Moussilmani had announced on his Facebook account in January 2020 that he has no equipment sponsor anymore. And the former Vice PWA Slalom champion from 2014 thanks RRD for the last two years. Now he released the news that he joins GunSails for 2020. The super experienced French racer rejoined Starboard for 2020.

Cyril: “I’m super stoked to be back on Starboard and riding the iSonics again after having already been with Starboard for 8 very successful years. For the past 3 years I was riding for a different board sponsors and was disappointed, as well as not being able to find the performance I was looking for. So now I have decided to rejoin Starboard Windsurfing and let’s say, finally be able to fly again. Riding on iSonics I hope to be able to reclaim my podium positions from the previous years and simply have more fun windsurfing again! With the introduction of foiling into slalom windsurfing, I am confident that Starboard is the right choice for me.” 

Cyril Moussilmani returns to Starboard in 2020

Cyril Moussilmani joins GunSails for 2020

French racer Pascal Toselli leaves JP-Australia and joins Patrik boards.

Young German freestyler Lucas Nebelung, who was on NeilPryde, announced that he will be part of the Gunsails team from now on.

Here’s a short clip from his first session.

Lucas Nebelung joins GunSails (Photo: Valentin Boeckler)

Top wave rider Alex Mussolini, who has left RRD, joined AV- boards and Challenger Sails for 2020. The Spaniard has a plan: “I am motivated to prove that I still have the energy and the level to keep pushing in this beautiful sport!! Thank you very much for all the support I am getting from these brands that trust in me!!!”

Alex will not only ride for the Italian brands. Together with Aurelio Verdi he is going to develop wave boards. Together with ChallengerSails and Claudio Badiali he is going to work on the wave lines.

Alex Mussolini rides and develops for AV-Boards and Challenger Sails

Dutch top freestyle lady Maaike Huvermann will not ride for Starboard in 2020 and switched to Severne boards, too. She is full on Severne in 2020.

Maaike, who recovered well from an injury: “I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be sailing on full Severne! I’ve had a few sessions last week and it’s been a blast. The gear works amazing and I generally feel pumped every time I go on the water.”

Maaike Huvermann tests her new board in Brouwersdam

French racer Nicolas Warembourg left JP-Australia and joined Patrik boards.

Young Dutch racing talent Luuc van Opzeeland left JP-Australia/NeilPryde and joined Tabou/GA for the new season.

Dutch speed record holder Twan Verseput will not ride on Starboard in 2020. The collaboration comes to an end after 5 years and it looks like he will follow Björn D. to AV boards.

Italy’s top freestyler Jacopo Testa will not ride no RRD boards. He joins the young brand AV (Aurelio Verdi) boards.

Jacopo Testa joins AV-Boards. Here’s a photo from the boot 2020 in Düsseldorf, Germany (Photo: Valentin Boeckler).


Big news: Philip Köster, the 5 times wave world champion will switch from Starboard to Severne boards. He will ride 100% under the flag of Severne.

And the next big news: Justyna Sniady, who left Simmer Style after 7 years of collaboration and great results, announced her change to Naish sails and boards. She is on the team with Robby Naish, Ricardo Campello and Bernd Roediger. Justyna lives in Poland, Australia or Gran Canaria. In her spare time she travels to Maui. She is living the wave sailing dream at the moment. 

Justyna: “I am super excited to announce that I am joining the International Naish Windsurfing Team this year! What a way to start a new decade. My sail number is POL-1111 and of course Robby Naish was the inspiration for that. I still remember watching his R.I.P. movie as a kid for the first time blown away by what windsurfers can do. Wave sailing was then completely surreal to me, but I knew one day I wanted to try.”

Justyna Sniady on Naish in 2020 (Photo by Steve Stratfold)

Boujmaa Guilloul (M-3), the 35 year old Moroccan wave windsurfing pro and owner of a watersport center in Moulay Bouzerktoune, will not ride for Starboard/Severne anymore. After many years of active collaboration he is changing brands. Boujmaa will ride for Goya sails and boards. He was one of the most decorated riders at Starboard/Severne over the past 15 years and is a very well known windsurfer world wide as he visited so many windsurfing spots in his long career. He now joins a world class wave team with Brawzinho, Levi, KP, Loick, Keith, Marino …Boujmaa won the AWT tour in 2016. He won 4 AWT events and 3 IWT events in his career.

Italian freestyler Mattia Fabrizi left Challengersails after two seasons and is on Severnesails now. He will stay with Patrik boards.

Mattia Fabrizi on Severne

Miriam Rasmussen from Norway – she is a passionate speed windsurfer and an owner of a watersport center – will not ride with Patrik and left Loft Sails (Equipe Trading) after 4 year of collaboration. She now joined forces with Starboard and will release some news about a new sail sponsor.

Miriam R.: “My father is Svein Rasmussen. However not THE Svein Rasmussen, but a more ordinary of sorts!  But I open Norways first windsurfing centre not only in his hometown, but on the beach Starboard owner Svein R.  tried windsurfing for the first time…”

Miriam Rasmussen on Starboard

Alessio Stillrich, Fanatic & Duotone announced that he will not ride for Fanatic and Duotone after 13 years of collaboration. The Gran Canaria local joined Simmerstyle.

Alessio comments:
“ I am extremely happy and proud to be part of the Simmer Style family! The boards and sails work so well, I have been riding on the Blacktip and Flywave here in Cape Town and the gear works very good. It suits my style of sailing. I will do my best to represent the Simmer brand and work with R&D with Tomas Persson for sails and Ola Helenius for boards. Thank you for this opportunity, Im greatly looking forward to have a lot of good moments and success together!”

Alessio Stillrich with his new 2020 gear in Cape Town

Danish wave legend and former freestyle World cupper  Lars Petersen, who was on JP-Australia and NeilPryde for many many years, joined Severne Sails three months ago. Now he announced that he will ride on Severne boards, too

Gran Canaria wave local Omar Sanchez will not ride for KA Sails anymore in 2020. He joins the GA team.

Omar Sanchez on GA in 2020

Slalom and Foil PWA World Champion Delphine Cousin-Questel and her husband Antoine Questel joined FMX Racing Boards, the brand of Finian Maynard. Delphine left Starboard after 6 years and 4 PWA World titles and a lot of victories. Antoine left I-99 after one year of collaboration.

Slalom and Foil racer Julien Quentel left Gun Sails after only one year and Patrik after 4 years. Julien: “I’m really happy to join the team Exocet and XO Sails!” 

Dutch rider Ben van der Steen left Gun Sails and returned to Loft Sails and Monty Spindler.

Wave hot shot Marc Pare joined Fanatic, Duotone & Ion and left Simmerstyle after 10 years. Read more about it in an interview here

Marc Paré: “I am stoked to get this unique opportunity to join the Fanatic, Duotone & Ion family. The good vibes betwen the team was always something I enjoyed looking at and expecially Victor, Klaas and Adam are quite good friends of mine already and I am sure we will make a good match on the water during training and testing boards.“

Klaas Voget (Marketing Manager and Head of Wave R&D): “I’ve been watching Marc’s progress for quite a few years and always been in close contact with him, so it felt this step was just a question of time. His humble personality combined with crazy talent is a very good match for our team and we’re all super excited to have him finally join the Fanatic family!”

Marc Pare tests his new equipment in Chile (Photo by Juergen Westermeyer)

German top freestyler Niclas Nebelung announced that he will leave I-99 and GunSails and announced his change to Fanatic, Duotone & ION.

Niclas Nebelung rides for Fanatic, Duotone & ION in 2020 (Photo by Lucas Nebelung)

German legend, 16 times German champion (from 1995 – 2011) and former World Cup Pro Bernd Flessner will ride for Fanatic & Duotone in 2020. He left JP-Australia/NeilPryde.

Bernd Flessner: “Since I am working quite close with Club Robinson for quite a while, it´s the logical consensus that I am also using the gear they offer at their centers at one stage. I know the Fanatic team with Craig, Klaas and Karin for a very long time already and I’m looking forward to eventually work with them and use their gear!”

Craig Gertenbach (Brand Manager): “Bernd is a great addition to the team! I´ve known Bernd since my World Cup days and we have been good friends ever since. Looking forward to finally work with him and have him as a valuable team member. Bernd brings a wealth of experience and know how in both products and markting, the Robinson Club connection being one of many interesting projects that we can work on together!”

Bernd Flessner joined Fanatic (Photo by Malte Babion)

Bernd Flessner loops on Fanatic (Photo by Chris Spegar)

Italian racing pro Bruno Martini left I-99 and will ride on Future Fly Boards.

Moritz Mauch left Severne after 6 years.

Alex Mussolini announced on his Facebook page the end with RRD after 5 years of collaboration.

Björn Dunkerbeck will leave Starboard after almost 11 seasons of collaboration and a PWA Slalom World title.

mb-boards from Switzerland welcomes Kauli Seadi to their team. Seems like Balz Müller, who spent a few weeks at Kauli’s spot in Praia do Gostoso, made some serious business with the Brazilian, who holds 3 Wave World championship titles and 2 vice championship titles in Freestyle. He has revolutionized the wave riding integrating freestyle elements and has been responsible for some of the most groundbreaking developments in windsurfing gear like the 4-batten sail and quad boards.
Kauli Seadi: “Innovation has always been important to me. I’m constantly trying and experimenting new things to move the sport forward. The mb-boards concepts is a revolution in board development and I’m excited to be part of it and push it further.”


Ricardo Campello & Robby Naish shake hands

Ricardo Campello & Naish announced the collaboration for 2020 on December 1, 2019. That’s a big news! Ricardo has been hunting for the wave title for many years, but missed to win overall in 2014, 2018 or 2019. But he won big events like La Torche in 2014 or Pozo Izquierdo in 2019 and made it on the podium several times. It looks like he finally found the necessary support from an industry partner and h can focus on his career 100%. Good luck!

“The number 3 in the 2019 PWA Wave ranking has been quick to get started with Naish after wrapping up the contest season at the 2019 Aloha Classic. Ricardo and the Naish design team have already begun preparations on Maui, dialing in his equipment and scoring epic conditions while training for his next World Title run in 2020.
With very close results in 2018 and 2019, things are looking to line up well for Ricardo Campello in the new year and we are excited to have him riding Naish Sails and Boards. Welcome to the team Ricardo!” Naish 

Ricardo tests the new sail at Ho’okipa (Photo by Fishbowldiaries)

Youp Schmit, the number 4 in the 2019 PWA freestyle ranking left I-99 & Avanti and he will ride for Tabou/GA in 2020.

Youp Schmit joins GA/Tabou for 2020