Watch impressions from the Margaret River Windsurfing Wave Classic 2024. The event is part of the 2024 IWT tour (3 star event). Margaret River resident Federico Infantino, one of the top riders at Margaret River, organized the event. “Margs” was firing again and more than 50 riders showed their wave windsurfing skills in February , 1- 4. Jane Seman and Jaeger Stone won in the ladies and men category. Check out the results below the highlight video. You can read a longer report on the Severnesails website

There’s a very, very passionate group of locals here, and a lot of windsurfers, professional and ex-professional dedicate a lot of their time to windsurfing this wave. So the reputation here of the windsurfers is really, really high. And yeah, it’s really impressive as well to see a lot of junior sailors now coming through and learning to windsurf this wave. To have an event here is great. It’s perfect for spectators, it’s perfect for judging. It’s a really great set up. event winner Jaeger Stone about the Margaret River Wave Classic

Margaret River Windsurfing Wave Classic 2024 – Video Highlights

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  1. Jaeger Stone
  2. Rick Vandertoorn
  3. Ben Severne
  4. Ash Nicol
  5. Federico Infantino, Matthew Gwynne
  6. Scott McKercher, Hendrix Stone



  1. Jane Seman
  2. Sarah Kenyon
  3. Jaiya
  4. Santina Pillonel



  1. Ash Nicol 
  2. Stephane Lefebvre
  3. Serge Pillonel
  4. Pierre Fallourd



  1.  Paul Jackman
  2. Raul 



  1. Jake Ghiretti 
  2. Ben Ilet
  3. Tyler Wallrodt
  4. Joshua Ledger



  1. Jake Ghiretti 
  2. Ben Ilet
  3. Tyler Wallrodt
  4. Quinn Auricht


U18 girls:

  1. Sarah Kanyon
  2. Jaiya
  3. Santina Pillonel