The EFPT/FPT Calendar 2024 is a mix of Proving Grounds Series EFPT/FPT events and FPT Continental events. The first FPT event has been completed in Cape Town in February. 12 events are announced in total. 4 Continental Series events, 7 Proving Grounds Series events and one Championship Series event at the end of the season. Unfortunately two events had to be cancelled: the Continental Series in Bonaire and the Proving Grounds Series in Austria.

The successes of the 2023 season are built on, while brand new events are also added to the line up in this all-round freestyle windsurfing tour that reaches outside of the European continent as well. With guaranteed action thanks to the three disciplines, Freestyle, Foilstyle and Tow-In, this year is poised to set a new standard for the professional freestyle scene! EFPT about their 2024 calendar

The provisional EFPT/FPT Calendar 2024

  • FPT Cape Town (Proving Grounds Series), Freestyle & Freestyle Wave, women/men, February, 6 – 16 (completed) > Read more about the event by following this link:

  • FPT Bonaire (Continental Series), Freestyle, women/men, April, 10 – 14 (cancelled)

  • EFPT Austria Surf Opening (Proving Grounds Series), Freestyle, women/men, April, 30 – May, 5 (cancelled)

  • GFB Meldorf x EFPT (Proving Grounds Series), Freestyle, women/men, starting on May,1 (waiting period 90 days)

  • GFB Surffestival x EFPT (Proving Grounds Series), Freestyle, women/men, May, 9 – 12 (confirmed)

  • Danish Open x EFPT (Proving Grounds Series), Freestyle, women/men, May, 9 – 12 (confirmed)

  • FPT Vieste (Continental Series), Freestyle, Foilstyle, Tow-in, women/men, May, 22 – 26 (confirmed)

  • EFPT Vesoul (Proving Grounds Series), Tow-in, women/men, June, 8 – 9 (TBC)

  • GFB Lemkenhafen x EFPT (Proving Grounds Series), Freestyle, women/men, starting on August,1 (waiting period 90 days)

  • FPT Geneva (Continental Series), Foilstyle, women/men, September, 18 – 22 (confirmed)

  • EFPT Brouwersdam (Continental Series), Freestyle, women/men, October, 9 – 12 (TBC)

  • Danish Open x EFPT Hanstholm (Proving Grounds Series), Freestyle, women/men, October, 12 – 20 (confirmed)

  • FPT Naxos (Continental Series), Freestyle, women/men, October, 16 – 20 (confirmed)

  • FPT Finals (Championship Series), Freestyle, women/men, December, 2 – 8 (Location TBC)