The Chile World Cup 2024 – PWA IWT Wave Tour Matanzas event runs from April 1 to April 12 and includes a heavily stacked field of 54 Men (24 Challenger Men + 26 Pro Advance Seeds + 4 Wild cards) 17 Pro Women, as well as Masters, Juniors and Open AM divisions. With these many riders the Chile World Cup is the biggest 5-star international wave event in South America’s history, with around 100 competitors. Contest organiser, Felipe Wedeles, explains the growth: “So many new people are getting involved in the sport because of the competition. Right from the first invitational event we ran in 2005 to now, everybody gets inspired when they see the top pros ripping.”

The pro women and men event are already completed. Re-watch the live stream and witness some awesome action and beautiful wave sailing in great scenery.

Check out the elimination ladders at the bottom of this article.

Chile World Cup 2024 – Day 5 LIVE STREAM

Today, April 7, was day 6 and the men and women were running their final heats in great conditions at Matanzas. A big swell hit the coast and the wind was blowing with around 20-25 knots. The conditions seemed perfect for the final heats in the pro categories, although Lina Erpenstein, the women’s winner said, that the current on the inside was heavy and she had to use her 4,8m sail fully overpowered in these conditions. Lina needed this sail to make it out and she would have needed a much smaller sail on the outside.

Chile World Cup 2024 – Result Women

  1. Lina Erpenstein
  2. Alexia Kiefer-Quintana
  3. Sol Degrieck
  4. Pauline Katz

Chile World Cup 2024 – Result Men

  1. Camille Juban
  2. Morgan Noireaux
  3. Victor Fernandez
  4. Philip Köster

Chile World Cup 2024 – Day 4 LIVE STREAM

The Men and Women competition got resumed on day 5 of the competition. In the pro men fleet only 16 riders are left and the women are half way through the quarter final.

Chile World Cup 2024 – Day 3 LIVE STREAM

On day 4 of the event, the Womens and Men redemption rounds got completed and the second round of the Pro Men Round got started in solid logo high swell with lighter winds.

Chile World Cup 2024 – Day 2 LIVE STREAM

Challenger Final, Pro Women Round 1 & Pro Men Round 1 on the third day of the competition

Chile World Cup 2024 – Day 1 LIVE STREAM

Challenger Round started on the second day of the event.


Chile World Cup 2024 – Elimination Ladder