Days we live for with Balz Müller & Yentel Caers

Balz Müller and Yentel Caers enjoyed a highwind windsurfing session at Lake Uri (Urnersee) in Switzerland. Both rotate through wild freestyle moves and enjoy the stormy conditions on their smallest gear. Thanks to RAWHAM for braving the elements at the beach and filming the action.

A “Föhnstorm” at lake Uri in Switzerland is always special and even more unique if Yentel joins for a wild freestyle windsurf party. Rhese are the days we live for 40 to 60 kn 3.3 fullpower. Balz Müller

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Wild and Sweet – Lake Uri

The Föhn was gusting up to 70 knots and made the lake nearly unsailable. But Balz Müller, Yentel Caers & other locals challenged the nature and showed what's possible.

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