Lisa Kloster and Jacopo Testa are the winners of the FPT Cape Town Airstyle 2024. With tricky conditions on the final day, the double elimination was ran at Paternoster beach. Paternoster is a well known wave spot located a two hour drive up north from Cape Town. The wind was light and the riders used the power of the waves to get proper speed for their moves. They landed perfect freestyle moves in between or on the clean faces of the Atlantic waves.

The drone footage in the video shows excellent action from an exclusive angle. Unfortunately the wind dropped at the end of the day and last year’s winner Lennart Neubauer couldn’t challenge event leader Jacopo Testa. Both riders, Jacopo Testa and Lennart Neubauer, showed great skills in the heats attempts. They landed finest double moves. Congrats to the winners and let’s hope to see many more exciting events during the 2024 FPT season.

Highlights from an awesome second day at the 2024 FPT Cape Town. Relive the best moments from the Double elimination from Paternoster, where the worlds best freestylers tackle light winds and waves. FPT

FPT Cape Town Airstyle 2024 – Double Elimination Video Highlights

FPT Cape Town Airstyle 2024 – Single Elimination Video Highlights

Produced by AALVAA Media with additional footage by TM Media Lab

FPT Cape Town Airstyle 2024 Official Results

1. Jacopo Testa
2. Lennart Neubauer
3. Niclas Nebelung
4. Sam Esteve
5. Jamie Howard
6. Felix Volkhardt
7. George Grisley
7. Adam Sims
9. Manolis Chrysopulos
9. Maarten Molenaar
9. Sebastian Lux
9. Lisa Kloster
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1. Lisa Kloster
2. Heidi Jabbari
3. Katja Haslinger
4. Amaya Iglesias