Push loop tweaked – Florian Jung

Watch a nice tweaked Push loop by the German windsurfer Flo Jung.

Back loop one handed – Daida Moreno

Stylish one handed Backloop by Daida Moreno at Pozo Izquierdo on Gran Canaria.

Air Spock – Nicolas Akgazciyan

Thanks to Julian Robinet for filming this nice Air Spock by Nicolas Akgazciyan.

Skopu – Arrianne Aukes

It is great to see more and more girls landing Skopus.

  • Sponsor Changes 2017

    Sponsor Changes 2017

    A lot of transfers for 2017 are already done and dusted. Mattia Fabrizi, Flo Jung, Tonky Frans, Cyril Moussilmani, Yentel Caers...


Jonathan Mourgues – a real wind addict

Jonathan Mourgues is an excellent freestyle windsurfer from South of France, who is addicted to wind.

Baja California – La Ventana 2016

Alex Mertens and Daniel Hernandez with freestyle action from La Ventana, Baja California.

Woife Strasser – Winter storm Axel

German freestyle addict Woife Strasser braves the elements and went for a freestyle session.

Aloha Classic 2016 – Video recap by In to Fire & Water

Watch some of the best impressions from the 2016 Aloha Classic, captured & edited by Mikael Linder.

Oda Johanne in Brazil 2016

The Norwegian freestyle windsurfer reached the next windsurfing level. Watch her new video from Brazil 2016.

Freestyle Session with Antoine Albert in New Caledonia

Antoine Albert with his last freestyle windsurfing action at his home turf New Caledonia in 2016.

International Windsurfing Tour – An Interview with Sam Bittner

We hooked up with Sam Bittner to find out more about the background of the "new" International Windsurfing Tour (IWT).

Diony Guadagnino – OUTTER VISTA film trailer

Diony Gudagnino released the trailer for his upcoming film OUTTER VISTA, filmed in Maui.

Flo Jung in Maui

Flo Jung rides big waves in Maui in autumn 2016.

Jamie Hancock’s Scotland – Showreel

Jamie Hancock released some of his favorite shots from beautiful Scotland, from the landscape, waves, surfing & windsurfing.

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