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Robby Naish in Jaws – Video

Robby: "The biggest swell of the winter so far. A bit of windsurfing at Jaws followed by a wing-foil session back home."

A new owner & CEO for the EFPT – News

The EFPT has a new owner & CEO. UK freestyler and video producer Adam Sims will take over the job. Read more about the change at the top of the European Freestyle Pro Tour.

Maaike Huvermann in Brouwersdam – Video

Maaike Huvermann: "We had a big storm hitting The Netherlands for the first time in a few months! The wind was forecasted to be 25 to 35 knots, but it turned out to be a lot windier than that!"

Morgan Noireaux in Jaws – Video

Morgan: "It was the biggest swell we've had in a few years. I was happy to get a few fun ones. I would have liked to have done a bit more on the waves."

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What’s up Yarden Meir?

As Yarden's last video got such a high rating and impressed many of our users, we thought it was the right moment to hook up with Yarden for an interview. 

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  • Aurelio Verdi

    Times Of Headwind – Coronavirus | AV Boards

    The young Italian windsurfing board company AV Boards was working hard towards 2020 but then Corona came. But they still have high hopes for the season. Read more in our latest interview.