Marc Paré Rico, the passionate 21 year-old wave windsurfer from Manlleu, Catalunya, in the province of Barcelona, made the next big step in his career. The Spaniard left Simmerstyle after 10 years and joined Boards & More with its brands Duotone, Fanatic and ION. Marc belongs to the next generation of wave windsurfers, who will fight for podium places and titles very soon. Victor Fernandez, who is one of his new team colleagues, is also one of his best friends on tour and it’s almost certain that Marc will follow in his footsteps.

Marc’s home spot is Pals, which is located around 120 kilometers from his home town but he spends a lot of time in Gran Canaria, in South Africa, Chile and other wave spots around the world to improve his level. He just was in Chile to get used to his new equipment.

Duotone interviewed their newest team rider. Read the interview below.

Marc Pare tests his 2020 Duotone sails in Chile (Photo by Juergen Westermeyer)

Who is Marc Paré E-334?
Just a really passionate windsurfer, who enjoys sailing a lot, training, traveling and testing gear! I have started windsurfing back in 2003. 

What is your super power?
I don’t actually have a super power, but if I could choose one would be teleportation. So then I could get faster to the spots and always score the best sessions! 

What are your favourite conditions in general / favourite spot / favourite gear?
Mmm… That’s a tough question! I actually like as much a Side-On jumping session on 3.4m / 3.7m than a down-the-line session just floating on a 5.0m. But if I could choose would probably be a nice down-the-line session just because I have less chances always to sail these type of conditions.

Marc Pare with wave riding action from Chile (Photo by Juergen Westermeyer)

It was always a dream of mine to be on this amazing brand, because of their awesome gear, their image and their team.

You have just tried your new sails for the first time, how do you like them?
I’m loving the new sails! They are really balanced, powerful and stable in higher wind conditions. I’m loving the fact that they help you so much when you are wave-riding, giving you a lot of drive in the bottom turn and helping you whip the board in the top turn. 

Who are your best buddies on the PWA tour?
Victor Fernández, Adam Lewis, Julian Salmonn, Ben Profitt and Marino Gil Gherardi. 

What are your goals for the upcoming season?
I will try to sail consistently at my maximum level in all my heats and try and brake into the top.

Marc after a wave session on the beach in Chile (Photo by Juergen Westermeyer)

What are your hobbies besides windsurfing?
I love surfing, biking and skiing when I’m not windsurfing! 

What’s your favorite food?
A big salad full of ingredients, steak, pizza (and chocolate).

What is the funniest thing that happened to you recently?
We did a challenge where you had to stand up while lifting a chair and because you are in an awkward position somehow I couldn’t stand up, then my friends tried it, too and couldn’t stand up either. We had a great laugh! hahaha

Marc Pare with his new equipment in Chile. He as well joined Fanatic & ION (Photo by Westermeyer)

What would you do if you found 1 Mio Euro?
First of all it would go to my family and the rest I would probably invest (and of course probably buy loads of surfboards hahaha). 

What’s your motto or philosophy of life?
If you really want something, just work hard for it and it will eventually come!

Anything to add…?
I’d love to travel and discover new places with just a few friends and a camera crew!

Anything else, you want to tell the world?
The more I sail, the more I want to windsurf! Windsurfing is like a drug for me! 

© Interview by Duotone 2019