• Flaka 720 one handed by Taty Frans

Flaka 720° one handed – Taty Frans

Flaka 720° one handed by Taty Frans at Lake Neusiedl in Austria.

  • Kevin Pritchard Portrait - Pic: Starboard/John Carter

Kevin Pritchard’s video secrets

We hooked up with Kevin to speak about his passion for producing nice videos and about his latest production.

  • Graham Ezzy in "Home"

HOME a video by Kevin Pritchard ft. Graham Ezzy

Kevin Pritchard produced a video ft. Graham Ezzy at home at Hookipa.

  • Max Droege in Western Australia

Max Droege in Western Australia

Max Droege left Germany for two months and enjoyed the life in Australia.

  • Freestyle action from Kiel, Germany

Freestyle action from Northern Germany

Flat water freestyle action from the area around Kiel, Northern Germany.

  • Culo by Dieter van der Eyken

Culo – Dieter van der Eyken

Culo by the 2015 PWA Freestyle champion Dieter van der Eyken at Lake Neusiedl in Austria.

  • Cape Town

Italian Freestyle in South Africa ft. Mattia Fabrizi & Matteo Romeo

The two Italian freestyle windsurfers Mattia Fabrizi & Matteo Romeo travelled to South Africa last winter and released a nice video.

  • Carve Jibe or power jibe by Chris Pressler

Carve Jibe – Chris Pressler

A Carve Jibe (also called Power Jibe, Step Jibe) by Chris Pressler.

  • Most popular articles

10 most popular articles last week

Check out the 10 most popular posts from last week.

  • Amado Vrieswijk in Brazil in 2015

Amado Vrieswijk in Brazil

Amado Vrieswijk lands some of the latest freestyle tricks in Brazil.

  • Dario Troiani - Burner one handed

Burner one handed – Dario Troiani

The Italian freestyle windsurfer Dario Troiani landed an amazing one handed Burner. Check it out.

  • Realife Teaser ft. Sam Esteve

Sam Esteve – REALIFE | Teaser

This trailer is very promising and we are definitely looking forward to see more action and the full movie.

  • Air Bob by Julien Mas

Air Bob – Julien Mas

Yesterday we met Julien Mas at Lake Neusiedl. Julien is already in Austria to get used to the conditions and be ready for the first PWA freestyle event.

  • Jamie Hancock at Niton 2015

Isle of Wight ft. Jamie Hancock, Ross Williams and Timo Mullen

Jamie Hancock released a clip about a beautiful wave session at Niton during late autumn 2015.

  • Lina Erpenstein in Western Australia

Lina Erpenstein in Western Australia

German wave windsurfer Lina Erpenstein spent her winter in Western Australia. Watch her clip.

  • Alessio Stillrich at Cape Town

OFF SEASON – Fanatic Team in Cape Town

Watch some great windsurfing action featuring Arthur Arutkin, Adrien Bosson, Alice Arutkin and Alessio Stillrich in South Africa.

  • Sam Bittner in working mode during the 2015 Aloha Classic (Pic: Carter/PWA)

A talk with Sam Bittner about the AWT

We spoke with Sam Bittner about her new job, the 2016 American Windsurfing tour and how she will manage the tour in the future.

  • Forward Loop by Noah Vöcker-Roche

Forward Loop – Noah Vöcker-Roche

Noah Vöcker-Roche shows a great planing Forward Loop in side-offshore conditions.