• Victor Fernandez at Pozo Izquierdo

Pozo Short Clip ft. Victor Fernandez

Victor Fernandez saw a good forecast and decided to book a flight to windy Pozo Izquierdo.

  • Dieter van der Eyken in Wind Driven Journey episode 2

Dieter van der Eyken – Wind Driven Journey #2 Sardinia

Wind Driven Journey #2: Dieter windsurfs at Murta Maria near Olbia, explains his van & visits a traditional horse riding event.

  • Air Kabikuchi by Yentel Caers

Air Kabikuchi – Yentel Caers

A perfect Air Kabikuchi by Yentel Caers at La Ganguise in France.

  • Jaeger Stone in Western Australia

Jaeger Stone – West OZ 2016 Video

Jaeger Stone released a 4 minutes long windsurfing clip from West OZ with some brilliant turns and huge jumps.

  • Max Brinnich at Podersdorf, Lake Austria

Max Brinnich in Austria

Max still remembers the freezing days during the cold April in Austria. Here's his short clip.

  • Gustav Häggström in Sweden and Denmark

Gustav Häggström’s winter

The Swedish wave windsurfer captured some action during winter 2015 / 2016. Here's his latest edit.

  • Alex Grand-Guillot in France

Alex Grand-Guillot’s winter

18 year old French wave rider Alex Grand-Guillot's with a video about his windsurfing winter in France.

  • Mathias Genkel by Valentin Böckler

GFB 2.0 Ummaii Paradies Festival Rügen 2016 – Video & Result

Mathias Genkel and Lisa Kloster win the second German Freestyle Battle event on Rügen.

  • AWT Morocco Video

AWT Morocco 2016 – Video

Last week the first American Windsurfing Tour event took place in Morocco. Now the video is ready to watch.

  • Most popular square

10 most popular articles last week

These posts were the 10 most watched posts from last week.

  • Shaka into Flaka by Phil Soltysiak

Shaka into Flaka – Philip Soltysiak

A nice view on a perfect Shaka by the Canadian windsurfer Phil Soltysiak.

  • Robby Swift and Marcilio Browne in Chile 2016

Robby Swift and Marcilio Browne in Chile 2016

Robby Swift and Marcilio Browne brought back some amazing waveriding and jumping footage from their annual trip to Chile. A must see.

  • Boujmaa Guilloul flies high at his home spot Moulay Bouzerktoune in Morocco (Pic: Schlosser/ Planchemag/AWT)

AWT Morocco 2016 – Boujmaa Guilloul & Ingrid Larouche win

Ingrid Larouche and Boujmaa Guilloul win the first AWT event in Moulay Bouzerktoune, Morocco.

  • Kauli Seadi hits the ramp at the Wesh Center in Leucate

Ramp session at Leucate

Kauli Seadi tests the ramp of Julien Taboulet at the Wesh Center in Leucate, France.

  • Kiri Thode on Bonaire

Kiri Thode on Bonaire

Kiri Thode with a firework of freestyle moves from Bonaire. And he landed a nice flat water Cheese Roll derivate.

  • Kono by Nic Hibdige

Kono – Nic Hibdige

Planing Kono by the UK freestyle windsurfer Nic Hibdige.

  • Copenhagen Windsurf

A short windsurf session in Copenhagen

A short freestyle session for Ole Hasholt and Rasmus Oegelund at Amager Strandpark in Copenhagen.

  • Thomas Traversa at Cape Town

Cape Town 2016 ft. Thomas Traversa, Davy Scheffers, etc.

Watch some great windsurfing action featuring Thomas Traversa, Davy Scheffers, Antony Ruenes, Jamie Hancock and Graham Ezzy.