Yentel Caers – Freestyle World Champion 2023 Video

In 2013 Yentel Caers participated in his first PWA Freestyle event. 10 years later Yentel won his second Freestyle World Champion title, after 2019.

But the 28 year-old Belgian made it exciting until the end. Coming to the event in Sylt, with a 1st place from Fuerteventura, he was the favorite to win the title. But a tough first round draw saw Yentel losing against Lennart Neubauer, the eventual winner of the event.  

But Yentel Caers stormed through the double elimination and finished 2nd in the end. “I lost out in the single, so I had a lot of work to do in the double. I did 8 heats in a row. It was tough but I also enjoyed the comeback,” Yentel said.

I am over the moon! Having my second world title is something special. I can not be more stoked about my year. Yentel Caers

Watch Yentel’s story, how he won his second title.

Yentel Caers – World Champion 2023 Video

Overall Rankings 2023 PWA World Tour – Men’s Freestyle

1st Yentel Caers 
2nd Lennart Neubauer 
3rd Adrien Bosson
4th Steven Van Broeckhoven 
5th Jacopo Testa
6th Amado Vrieswijk 
7th Antony Ruenes 
8th Antoine Albert 
9th Youp Schmit 
9th Balz Müller


Watch more from Yentel Caers

Yentel Caers – European Foilstyle Champion 2023

Yentel Caers becomes the first ever European Foilstyle Champion. With no suitable conditions in the event window, the final rankings were set based on the results of the EFPT event in Vieste earlier this year.

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