Hugo de Sousa is 17 years old, lives in the Brazilian village Camocim and belongs to the most talented freestyle windsurfers in the world. The Brazilian has made a name of himself with his outstanding Air Moves (for example watch this Air Chacho) and move combinations. Last year Hugo took part in his first PWA freestyle event in Fuerteventura, but he was not able to show his skills in the difficult gusty and choppy Fuerteventura conditions. To get closer to his dream, becoming World Champion he’d have to train more and get more consistent in his moves in all kind of conditions. 

Together with the Swiss windsurfer Loick Spicher and the support from Pousada Windjeri he has now the possibility to train at different windsurfing spots and to travel to the freestyle events. Read more in Loick’s story…


Team Windjeri Loick Spicher and Hugo de Sousa

Team Windjeri Loick Spicher and Hugo de Sousa



All started when I talked to Hugo de Sousa in November and asked him about what he had planned for the upcoming season. He answered that he hadn’t planned anything yet. Then I asked him about what is your real goal? What are you aiming to achieve in this sport? And that’s when he gave me this clear answer: “I want to get one of those windsurf champions. I want to compete at the World Cup, do my best and reach the highest level possible.” 

I told him that if he wants to get a champion, he’ll have got to set his goals high, establish a plan on how to proceed, go for it and most importantly: never give up! Priority for him should be: To train all the year in windy locations and spend most of the time possible on the water (Brazil’s good wind period is over and therefore he should travel to another place until then). More to this he should train in a variety of conditions, learn from the world best riders, gather experience, compete as much as he can and and learn to speak English. On that Hugo answered: “But I’m only 17 and barely speak English. How could I travel around the world alone? And that’s where our project took its start.

Hugo with his mother and sister at Camoci

Hugo with his mother and sister at Camocim



My plan, even if me goals aren’t set as high as his, fit perfectly together and that’s when I saw this option of taking him to travel together with me and work towards our goals together.

He was pleased by this idea and motivated to go for it. First of all, I wrote a small project plan with a detailed procedure, costs and all the important things involved for the upcoming season. Once the document was done we directly contacted his sponsor, the Pousada Windjeri, which is a beautiful pousada located near the beach in Jericoacoara, and asked if they are interested in supporting our project. After several weeks we got the news that the Pousada Windjeri will be Hugo’s Main Sponsor and support for project!! The owner of the pousada sees the immense potential Hugo has and believes into him. He straight ordered 2 board bags full of new RRD equipment and took me to the team too, as I’ll be travelling as a support for Hugo, working with photos, videos, interview, in order to promote us and our sponsors. 

I’m really happy to be part of the Windjeri team, riding with new RRD gear and thanks to this new support to be able to focus at 100% on the sport and to continue following my goals.




Having all agreements with the Pousada Windjeri done and the new equipment arriving, we started to plan our first trip and booked our flights. Our first destination would clearly be the island of Isla Margarita, to get known with this season potentially PWA world cup destination. We also are were looking to train jumping moves on port tack and with the little ramps coming in it combines it well. That’s why we planned to travel to El Yaque by the end of January.

Really emotional was Hugo making his farewells to his cousins, aunt, sister, grandmother and mother. They all were aware that he would go far out traveling the world to chase after his dreams and not come back before a while. Even if they look worried, at the same time they were really faithful and made him best wishes. For them, Hugo already is a champion.

Hugo at the airport and saying Good-by to his mom

Hugo at the airport and saying Good-by to his mom

What misses now is to show it to the world. They truly believe in him. Once everything was said and packed, it got finally the time to say good bye.