Sponsor & Gear Changes 2017/2018

The battle for the best contracts in windsurfing is in full swing right now. The end of the year is the time when plans and the new contracts for the upcoming season are made. There are many rumors circulating about changes, but some deals have been wrapped up already.

Rumors are that a lot of riders will change again: Ben van der Steen, Steve Allen, Steven van Broeckhoven, Cyril Moussilmani, Pascal Toselli….

News from the rumour mill are that Matteo Iachino could join Severne, Pascal Toselli JP-Australia, Cyril Moussilmani Simmer. But that’s just rumours! Let’s see, which changes will happen in the end…

NorthSails International has confirmed that Malte Reuscher will be part of their International Slalom team. He as well will ride for Fanatic in 2018. Malte Reuscher (Ger-7777) left JP-Australia/NeilPryde after three seasons. 

“The Falcons are performing very well and that´s most important when you do competitions. I also quite like the team, it´s a good spirit and they act like a real little family. Another reason is that the R&D between product manager Daniel Aeberli and the riders is working very well and I am looking forward to be part of this.” (Malte Reuscher)

“Malte is a great personality and very professional. I am really looking forward to test the new prototypes  with him and in the future. We will definitely profit a lot from his knowledge and racing skills.” (Daniel Aeberli,Fanatic Product Manager)

Italian Freestyler Giovanni Passani will be part of the international Tabou/Gaastra team.

Young talented German freestyle windsurfer Niclas Nebelung will ride on 99NoveNove. He was on Starboard before. He will leave Severne, too. More news soon.

German wave rider and surfer Steffi Wahl left Patrik Boards after a collaboration of almost 12 years with Patrik Diethelm (first F2, then Patrik) and will use the German custom brand Windflüchter from Rostock. Steffi: “After all those years on boards shaped by Patrik Diethelm I had a closer eye on the boards my boyfriend Dominik and my good friend Frithjof are using. As I spent a lot of time windsurfing with those two here in the north of Europe from Denmark to the Baltic Sea coastline I took the chance to ride their custom boards from Lutz Graichen from Windflüchter Surfboards. I realized quickly that I like the shapes and it has always been a dream to me to get a custom board which is hand-built and only shaped for my needs. I really like the fact that Lutz’s workshop is just around the corner in Rostock and he does excellent work, besides that he is a very nice guy with a lot of talent. Exciting!!!”

Danish wave sailor Mads Björna left Simmer Sails and joined NorthSails. Mads: “After thirteen good years with Simmer it was a big thing for me to change sail sponsor, but we made a good deal with NorthSails. They have some super light and powerful sails that I really enjoy and a full junior sails series for my son Tobias. He is eleven years and weighs only 40 kg. It was really difficult to get small sails for him, but NorthSails makes a real wave sail series call NOW.”

Italian wave rider Greta Benvenuti, who lives most of the year in El Medano, Tenerife,  joined the Challenger Sails team in September 2017. Greta: “It was a difficult year for me with a lot of change in my personal life. I decided at the last moment to participate at the PWA tour and after a good start with a 7th place in Pozo and Tenerife I got a good opportunity to become a new member of Challenger Sails. I know Claudio Badiali the owner of Challenger Sail for several years and I always had a good relation with him. I am Italian and it’s an Italian brand and they work so hard for development and technologies and I recognized myself in the Challenger philosophy and I would like to help to grow the brand.

Italian racer Massimiliano Brunetti left Challenger Sails and is on North Sails now.

Former freestyle PWA World Champion Kiri Thode is actually using JP-Australia boards since the World Cup in Sylt 2017 but we aren’t sure if he will be part of the international JP-Australia team in 2018. But he is definitely not in the Starboard team anymore.


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