Ricardo Campello released his 2018 Gran Canaria Wind and Waves Festival recap video. Ricardo was the rider, who sailed most of the heats – 9 in total – and showed incredible radical air moves. He landed big Push loop Forwards, stalled double Forwards or huge Back loops. The action of Ricardo in the video is big, but to watch it live is even more impressive. We really recommend everyone to travel to the event in Pozo once in the life and watch the action live.

Ricardo returned to the podium and finished the event in third place. He had his last podium finishes in 2014 with a victory in La Torche (France) and a 2nd place in Gran Canaria. Ricardo performs better the bigger the conditions are. This year he has a good chance to return to the podium in the PWA wave overall ranking in 2018, too or even win his first world title in waves. 

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Ricardo Campello going big at the Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival 2018

Edited by Rafael España – @rafasoulsurf