Plug n' Play 2 (DVD)

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Wave, Freestyle, Speed, Windskate, Long Distance, Tow-in and trips to the most isolated windsurfing spots in the world. The best action from across the Windsurfing World. Follow the top riders to remote locations like Indonesia and Hookipa. Visit Marcilio Browne in Fortaleza, Victor Fernandez in Tarifa, Jose Estredo in Venezuela and Jaeger Stone in Western Australia.

Riders: Kauli Seadi, Klaas Voget, Ricardo Campello, Peter Volwater, Robby Naish, Björn Dunkerbeck, Josh Angulo, Robert Theriteau

Spots: Australia, Brazil, Canary Island, Hawaii, Sylt, Reunion, South Africa, Denmark, France, Ireland, Indonesia, New Zealand, Portugal, …

Format: DVD, NTSC, Free of code, the world
Duration: 129 minutes
Producer: Tonix Pictures
Format: Codefree – NTSC


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