Wild Tracks DVD

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11 riders and 600okm through Western Australia.

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11 riders and 600okm through Western Australia. 

9 cars, 2 jet skis, 11 riders and 36 boards hit the roads of Western Australia for the ultimate windsurfing adventure. 21 days and 6000 kilometer later, they have scored perfect conditions at almost every single spot a windsurfer would come to Western Australia for.

Filmed across some of Western Australia’s most amazing landscapes, some of the world’s greatest Windsurfers come together to find the ultimate rush in this extreme sport spectacular! Blue waters, red deserts, sparkling scenery and outstanding windsurfing!

Riders: Finian Maynard, Tonky Frans, Peter Volwater, John Skye, Karin Jaggi, Allison Shreeve, Patrik Diethelm, Daniel Aeberli, Steffi Wahl, Nina Edlund, Tine Slabe

Spots: Perth, Margaret River, Denmark, Lancelin, Coronation, Cervantes Islands, Ningaloo Reef

Release date: 2007
Duration: 75 minutes 
Code Free/DVD 5
Producer: Tonix Pictures 


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