The directors of “Wet and Salty”,  “Committed Reloaded”, “Flashback”, etc. present their newest production “Four Dimensions”.

What is Four Dimensions:

You can expect beautiful pictures, new angles, nice places and many world class action all around four riders: Victor Fernandez, Gollito Estredo, Marcilio Browne and Andre Paskowski. Sick action and nice postproduction effects.




Four Dimensions Team at work

Four Dimensions Team at work



Andre Paskowski (Producer): “This project is pure fun. Each person is putting lots of love inside. Its fun to work with such motivated crew and 3 of the most radical windsurfers the planet has at the moment!”

Peter Svensson (Director, Editor): “It is nice to see now first things online. It is still much to do. Have no time for more words… Editing is calling.”
Sebastian Dörr (Editor): “Fuerte and Gran Canaria has been intersting not much wind and we got nervious. But in the end we got everything. Was cool to work together there.”
Gollito Estredo: “I am happy to be part. I am working since longer time with Paskowski on smaller Videos. Always fun – always good. My part on this movie is the freestyle and i remember landing some new tricks in Egypt, Fuerte and Brasil!”
Victor Fernandez: “Has been a great time so far. We catched some great conditions on Maui and Pozo. Was some long days on the water sometimes but in the end it was all worth it.”
Marcilio Browne: “I guess I had the longest filming session on this project. The double elimination on Cape Verde was very long. 7 heats in a row but the cameraman got time to catch the best. I am excited to see the final result.”

Riders: Marcilio Browne, Gollito Estredo, Victor Fernandez, Andre Paskowski

Locations: Cape Verde, Maui, Egypt, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Brazil

Running time: 45 minutes + bonus footage (120 minutes)
Language: english

Country code: 0 / all regions
DVD Format: NTSC
Release date: 2009
Producer: Andre Paskowski

Editor & Director: Peter Svensson
Co-Editor: Sebastian Dörr