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A journey into mountaineering & extreme windsurfing

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A journey into mountaineering & extreme windsurfing

An impressive steam train in Afghanistan, which runs across the border with Pakistan, puts us in a past century, where people still live in today seems just as many thousands of years. Only one of the passengers came from the West. A windsurfer and filmmaker who has made ??his way into a hidden valley in the mountains of Pakistan to visit his good friend Nazir Sabir. Nazir is a famous mountain climber who has ascended five eight thousand already. The aim of the trip is to look at Pakistan, India, Nepal and Tibet to the highest lakes in the Himalayas in order to attempt a world record height in wind-and kite surfing.

Windsurfer: Andy Wolff

Producer: New World Spirits



Story about the the producer of OM:

Thomas Miklautsch is founder of New World Spirits, producing films and videos since 1994. After finishing school in Austria, he attends the university. Soon he realizes, that small town Austria and the world of theoretical studies is not his favorite one. At the age of 11 he jumps for the first time on a windsurf board – this marks the beginning of a lifetime journey – a journey across extreme sports and eventually to documentary filmmaking.

In 1995 he realizes his first film project about the windsurf crossing from Australia to Papua New Guinea. Ambitioned by a strong affection to filmmaking he creates a new style of capturing sports on video. All windsurfing documentaries are visually narrated by an adventurous storyline consisting of cultural and philosophical elements. Social critics, the destroying of Nature and indigenous cultures were further topics of these documentaries.

The film „Camanchaca“, an trip from the Atacama desert of Northern Chile to the most Southern point of the South American Continent in 1998, was awarded 13 times at international film festivals.

Further prizes were given to the following films (“Bohemians”, “Ayahuasca”, “5 Elements”, “OM”). In the year 2006 Thomas enrolled for the summer program in Los Angeles at the University of Southern California (USC-Film School). He took two professional classes in “Directing Actors” and “Screenwriting”. In 2010 he attended two wellknown directing classes at Judith Westons Acting and Directing Studio in Los Angeles.


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