Below The Surface Blu Ray

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Two films on one Blu Ray. “Below the Surface”and  “Minds Wide Open”.

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Award-winning Producer Andre Paskowski (Four Dimensions Movie, Minds Wide Open) presents his latest masterpiece BELOW THE SURFACE that’s aimed for even higher cinematography standards on Blu Ray.  Focusing on former World Wave Champion Victor Fernandez and friends – freestyle legend Golito Estredo, Marcilio Browne, Klaas Voget and up-and-coming star Alessio Stillrich  – this new filmmaking masterpiece concentrates on pure beauty in action, landscape and the ultimate sports lifestyle.


The Blu Ray version contains not only the new move “Below the Surface”, but also “Minds Wide Open” in HD quality.


Produced by: Andre Paskowski, Carolina Butrich
Camera: Manuel Grafenauer, Sebastian Dörr, Andre Paskowski
Editing: Sebastian Dörr
Riders: Victor Fernandez, Gollito Estredo, Klaas Voget, Alessio Stillrich, Marcilio Browne
Locations: Maui, Peru, Brasil, Gran Canaria, Norway

Media: Blu Ray
Duration: Below the Surface (40 minutes and extras) & Minds Wide Open in HD