We published a lot of windsurfing moves in 2015 and some you really liked. The triple loop attempt by Philip Köster made it in first position, because it was without doubt amazing. And it seems the Shifty was THE freestyle move in 2015, as so many Shifties made it into the ranking.

We are looking forward to an exciting new year 2016 with a lot of new moves, crashes, new, old and stylish moves!

Most popular windsurfing moves 2015

1. Triple Forward Loop crash by Philip Köster

The Triple Forward Loop attempt by Philip was the most viewed move in 2015.

2. Shifty by Steven van Broeckhoven

In May Steven van Broeckhoven landed the Shifty, a move which has its origin about 15 years ago.


3. Shifty by Nicolas Akgazciyan

Nicolas Akgazciyan landed a perfect Shifty during the PWA Freestyle Worldcup on Fuerteventura.


4. Shifty by Edvan Souza

This is a pretty nice Shifty by Edvan Souza. The Brazilian even delays the rotation a bit.

5. Tango by Steven van Broeckhoven

The Tango is a Balz Müller invention performed by Steven van Broeckhoven. It is a regular Gozzada Clock.


6. The viking loop Crash by Markus Rydberg

The Swedish windsurfer Markus Rydberg did a Pushloop variation, which he called “The Viking Loop”.

7. Wave Ride Side Onshore by Moritz Mauch

 Moritz Mauch nails three moves on one wave at Pozo Izquierdo.  

8. Spock into Culo by Sarah Quita Offringa

No freestyle move is too hard for the multiple Windsurfing champion Sarah-Quita Offringa.

9. Air Skopu Crash by Giovanni Passani

The Italian windsurfer did a massive Air Skopu, which he almost landed.

10. Shaka by Marco Lufen

In September the German windsurfer sent us this pretty high Shaka filmed by Jan Hendrik.

11. Double Eslider without fin by Stepherd Cheppi Gustowski

Stepherd Cheppi Gustowski from Bonaire shows how to do a Double Eslider without a fin in the board.

12. Double Forward Loop off the lip by Philip Köster

During the super session at the 2015 Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival, Philip Köster landed this Double Forward Loop off the lip. 

13. Dieter van der Eyken’s 58.5 points heat

Dieter van der Eyken accumulated the highest heat scored 58.5 points from a possible 60. Watch the heat.

14. Double Forward Loop by Philip Köster

Philip Köster rules his home spot Vargas. A perfect ankle dry Double Forward in front of our lens.

15. Windskate Air Flaka one handed – Anton Munz

The German windsurfer Anton Munz shows how to do an Air Flaka on a wind skate board.

16. Double Clew First Crash by Balz Müller

Balz Müller was dreaming of landing clew first doubleloops/toads, so he tried it on the next day. 

17. Double Air Culo by Amado Vrieswijk

A Double Air Culo is a pretty impressive double rotation in new school freestyle. This one was one of the first Double Culos captured on video.

18. Windskate Ponch by Anton Munz

The German freestyler Anton Munz showing a Ponch on  his wind skater.


19. Double Forward Loop Crash by Daida Moreno

This Double Forward Loop was definitely one of the best attempts we’ve ever seen by a woman. 


20. Air Taka Clew First Crash – Moritz Mauch

This move was one of the most commented moves in 2015. Check it out.