We published a letter of Jonas Ceballos on the 20th of February in which he discussed his possible end of the competitive windsurfing career. There followed about 93 comments on his letter on continentseven.com. Now we asked Jonas again some questions about his current situation, about his thoughts about several comments and if the article has changed his actual situation. Read more in the following interview!


C7: Jonas, how does it feel, to get so many comments on your letter?

Jonas Ceballos: First of all I would like to thank all those people, who left some brillant comments, and thanks to my friends and my family for their support.

To be honest I was following and I never have seen so many comments in a news article on C7. As I said I kept the good comments for myself and I do thank a lot all of them and it feels good, when people understand what´s going on.


Jonas with a massive Aerial at Ponta Preta (Pic: John Carter/PWA).

C7: Did you expect so much feedback?

Jonas Ceballos: No, not really! I have got also emails from soo many countries saying me, why I made this decision and that I should keep competing. In the letter are most of the comments are positive, but I can not fight against the system by my own.


C7: Did you read them all and did you find, that most of them  hit the point or were you angry about some of them?

Jonas Ceballos: Yes, I read them all! I think it is normal, that people hit the point. I would like to make clear, that I will quit competing but I’m not gonna quit windsurfing, also I would like to say that I don´t cry guys with my letter, this is very stupid. If I have to go work my hands I will. I just show whats going on and not only from my side I’m also the mouth of a many more athlets, who don’t have balls to say anything, because they are worried to lose the little they have. It´s just a hard decision that, if you want to have a better future, to take the train now and not let it pass. 15 years ago windsurfers were stars. Where is the soul of 90ties? What was wrong? As I said we try to push hard, but there is always less and less support. Is it our fault?  I think this is not to make fun of or joke about.

For sure windsurfing probably has given the best and worst moments of my live. Traveling around the world, meeting a lot of good people,  sailing at sick spots. I have learnt a language thanks to windsurfing, but I also  almost died because of windsurfing, and not all is fun and a game as one guy said in one comment:  try to be pro once and then give your decision.

Also thanks to all the bad comments, it’s good to know both sides. It is always good to know also the bad side and everyone can always learn from it, too.

Still one of the best at his homespot in Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria (Pic: John Carter/PWA).

C7: Had the article an effect on your current situation (sponsors, goals, life)?

Jonas Ceballos: Yes, to open the eyes…..

Windsurfing is and will be an addiction for me and exactly what I was thinking was to run my own windsurfing school and start to work with schools to introduce people to the sport, also will do clinic’s, for those people, who want to learn how to do Fowards, Backloops,etc. I will try to teach all the steps and the rider can reach a good level.That’s my main goal rigth now. Be connected I think this it can be the best way. It´s still a project, that takes time. It is not an overnight thing. But I’m looking foward to make it happen!


C7: Would you say your motivation to try everything to do all PWA wave events in 2011 returned?

Jonas Ceballos: I would love to do all the PWA events, but I hink this year I will compete in Pozo, if the event will happen. This is at home and I don´t have to spend much! At the rest of the events I will be not available to go.

Jonas extremely tweaked at Pozo (Pic: Richard Aleman).

C7: The trade winds blow quite nice on Gran Canary since the end of February. Did you have some good sessions on the water and did you enjoy them?

Jonas Ceballos: Yes we have had a couple of good days and I had a couple of good sessions with good wind and nice sized waves. Everytime when I was in the water I enjoyed it……

Good winds to all of you and see you on the water….