In September 2017 the IWT riders and crew travelled to Chile for the first edition of the IWT Matanzas Wave Classic. Matanzas is a small fishing village located at the 5000km long Chilean coastline and a 2.5 hours drive away from Santiago (de Chile). In Matanzas traditional village life continues with a backdrop of a world class left-hand windsurf break.

Annamaria Zollet won the women division and Benjamin Fabres the pro men division. Tom Soltysiak won the amateur division and Alessio Botteri the youth.

Matanzas Wave Classic 2017 – Photo Gallery

Results Chile Matanzas Wave Classic 2017

Pro Men
1. Benjamin Fabres
2. Morgan Noireaux
3. Alex Vargas
4. Felipe Wedeles

1. Annamaria Zollet
2. Bjoerte Puerschel
3. Carolyne Vita
4. Sam Bittner

1. Tom Soltysiak
2. Jonathan Pooley
3. Doc Irribarra
4. Diego Ducci

1. Alessio Botteri
2. Joaquin Desriviers
3. Vincente Gonzales
4. Jahdan Tyger

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