Nicolo Spanu lives less than 20 minutes from a world class wave spot at Sardinia’s west coast, in the city of Oristano. The Mediterranean island offers everything a 15 year-old windsurfer needs to follow his passion. His father Matteo, who is a world class windsurfer supports Nico every day. In addition Nicolo trains with a fitness coach.

In November Nicolo travelled together with his dad to Praia do Maceio in Brazil. They spent their time together with Gigi Madeddu, who built up a second home at this little Brazilian fishing village at the sea. They scored great conditions and enjoyed the time on and off the water. 

Check out Nico’s video. If Nico carries on like now, we are pretty sure he will belong to the best windsurfers in the future. In addition to the video we caught up with the young Italian, to get to know more about this young ripper. Read our little interview below the video

Nicolo Spanu in Brazil


Who is Nicolo Spanu?

Nicolo Spanu loves it all: freestyle, wave, slalom & foil

Continentseven: How did you start windsurfing? 

Nicole Spanu: I started windsurfing when I was seven years old. I learned it during the summer months, on the beach of Funtana Meiga and in Sant’Antioco thanks to my father Matteo.

When did you start to windsurf in waves and freestyle?

My first waves were those of San Giovanni, always in Sardinia at the age of 8. And then I started riding waves at the age of 9, always together with my father in Capo Mannu also called small Ho’okipa. My first freestyle experiences and evolution I had in Sa Barra in Sant’Antioco together with our friend Gigi Madeddu. 

Where were your biggest surfed waves so far?

The biggest waves I surfed were definitely Ho’okipa’s on Maui during my training trip in 2018, where I also participated in the Aloha Classic, placing myself in 1st place under 15 and 2nd place under 17.

Nicolo Spanu in Maui in 2018

What are your favorite spots ? 

My favorite homespots are Capo Mannu and Funtana Meiga in Sardinia. My favorite wave spot outside Sardinia is Cabo Verde (secret), because there is so much space where I can ride waves calmly, unlike Ho’okipa where the waves are wonderful, but you have to share them with many other people.

Do you windsurf all year round?

Yes, I windsurf all year round, also because in addition to going on the waves and freestyle, I train with slalom and foil. I also participate in many youth events of the PWA and IFCA in the disciplines wave and slalom. 

Who supports you and makes all the windsurfing possible?

First of all there are my parents, and then my trainer Daniele Concas helps me above all in training out of the water.

Nicolo spends time on his foil equipment, when the wind is too light for freestyle or wave sailing

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? 

I don’t know exactly, but I like to think I can participate in the Olympics 2024 and still continue to sail in waves around the world. Wave windsurfing is the discipline that I like most of all for the emotions I feel when I’ve done a move.

Is it an advantage to live in Italy? Italy has a lot of coastline and a very active windsurfing scene!

In short, Italy is very beautiful, but the wind and the waves are not constant. I windsurf above all in Sardinia and in the rest of Italy I only go to compete like at Lake Garda for instance. We are able to make a few trips. My parents organize trips to Brazil, Maui or Cabo Verde where I can windsurf constantly in waves thanks to the wind & weather conditions. Lately we travelled to Praia do Maceio in Ceara, Northern Brazil in November 2019.

Nicolo nails a Tabletop Push loop at one of his home spots

What are your favorite windsurfing moves and which moves do you practice at the moment?? 

My favorite moves are the Push loop tweaked & Double Forward. At the moment I practice Forward loop, Table Top, Push Loop, Air Chacho, Back loop, Table forward and Shove It. 

Do you have any idols in windsurfing? 

I don’t have an idol in particular, but I admire many windsurfers, each with different characteristics, including Victor Fernandez, Philip Köster, Bernd Roediger.

And do you have friends at your age, who windsurf, too?

Yes, but they live far away from my home.

Nicolo & his dad Matteo prepare the equipment for a session.

What’s your most used and favorite gear set?

The preferred size for the board is Tabou wave 82 liters and for the sail the IQ 4,5 Gaastra.

What’s your actual size and weight?

I am 1.78 m tall and my weight is 75 kg

Do you have tips for other kids who want to start wave surfing?

Windsurf together with friends to have fun.

Nicolo in freestyle mode

What do you like about windsurfing? 

When I go windsurfing, the sense of freedom pervades me and I feel the adrenalin going through all my body, better than in any other sport.

What do you like besides windsurfing? 

In general I like all extreme sports. I played Rugby before breaking my tibia (shin bone) due to a too strong tackle.

Thanks for the interview and good luck for the windsurfing years ahead!

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