Amado Vrieswijk lands his Skopu clean and safe in medium wind conditions at Sotavento, Fuerteventura.

Here his explanation of the Skopu by Amado Vrieswijk:

  1. You need to be able to control going switch stance and be able to duck the sail.
  2. The move will be easier when you are a bit powered up , so when you are switch stance the first tip is to duck the sail a bit lower then normal. This will make the carving going upwind easier.
  3. Once you are in switch stance and you have the sail ducked you will try to keep as much power in the sail as possible, you can do this by not going too far downwind or either going too fast upwind. So try to go upwind slowly before taking off!
  4. When you find the right angle you need to have good power and still some forward momentum. So try to have a lot of speed coming into to pop off the Skopu. Once you’re there you want to push hard on your backhand, what will lift up your gear above your body. You have to push the sail! Don’t let the sail push you back, what’s a common mistake that a lot of people do!
  5. When you take off midway in the air you want to pull on your back hand to stop the rotation and make it come backwards 
  6. As soon as you land you want to push the mast forward to make the board spin into a 540°, but a lot of people have the problem that the board stays stuck when they land and does not want to slide anymore… this happens because either you’re going too much upwind or you don’t have enough speed. You need to find the right angle to keep the forward momentum. So when you land you will start sliding backwards and then as soon you push the mast forward the board will start rotating and you will land your first Skopu.. ( simple as that )

Good luck with your Skopu attempts and hopefully my explanation is easy to understand!!