French film maker Julien Bru produced a fantastic video about Sarah-Quita Offringa winning her first PWA World Champion title in 2019. “Cabeibusha”, the curly gem from Aruba, started with two third places at Gran Canaria and Tenerife into the wave competition season. But at the following two events she put the hammer down. With her victory in Sylt, she put herself at the top of the ranking and with the victory in Maui she secured her first wave champion title. And this was an incredible moment for the 28 year-old Caribbean windsurfer, who won 12 PWA Freestyle World titles, 4 PWA Slalom World titles and a few European titles. She won 40 World Cups over the past 16 years and released her film “Cabeibusha, the curly gem” in collaboration with Julian Robinet in 2015. 

“I think I put most of my time and energy into training in Gran Canaria. I wasn’t particularly focused on the title, but rather on just improving my sailing and translating that to competition there. I felt really good on the water in the Canaries but finished 3rd at both events, so I was a bit bummed I didn’t make it happen during those events. And somehow the Canaries was my focus and I was actually already resetting for 2020. I think after that the title wasn’t even on my mind. I just wanted to make sure to perform well during my heats which I think I did both in Sylt and Maui.” (Sarah-Quita Offringa in the interview with PWA press manager Chris Yates)

Julien Bru followed Sarah-Quita with the camera on land and on the water at the season’s final on Maui and interviewed her exclusively after the title win. The PWA Wave title this year was a tough battle between Sarah-Quita Offringa, Iballa Ruano Moreno, Justyna Sniady and Lina Erpenstein. This year Sarah-Quita won the title and next year the battle starts again. 

Sarah-Quita Offringa PWA Wave World Champion 2019 – a mini documentary by Julien Bru

Produced by Julien Bru Production 2019