Rick Jendrusch (20) is a real Brouwersdam local. His parents Pieternal van der Linde and Uwe Jendrusch established the Zeil & Surfcentrum Brouwersdam in Zeeland, which offers the perfect playground for Rick, the local freestyle scene from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and windsurfers in general.

Now “Brouwerseiland” is planned, a projected gigantic island landscape at Grevelingenmeer close to the windsurfing spot. According to the local windsurfers this project will affect the wind quality at the spot. 

  • Read more about the Brouwers-Eiland project here


Rick, who just finished in 4th place at the EFPT event in Greece, sent us his latest video, which isn’t just a normal action video. It’s a SOS call to save Brouwersdam as a nice windsurfing spot. SOS stands for “SAVE OUR SURFSPOT”. The spot Brouwersdam shouldn’t be changed as it is a windsurfing jewel for freestylers, kids and freeriders. The massive constructions wouldn’t only block the wind, but also worsening the parking situation.


In this video the wind comes unblocked and Rick and all other windsurfers enjoy unlimited fun at Brouwersdam. Let’s hope that the “Brouwers-Eiland” project will be stopped or adapted in respect of the local windsurfers.


Watch Rick Jendrusch’s SOS video message to save the spot Brouwersdam

Rick Jendrusch with an SOS call from Brouwersdam

Rick Jendrusch with an SOS call from Brouwersdam