Ricardo Campello bought a single fin Naish Hawaii Board from the 90ties for 30$ in Maui and tested the single fin board in several wave sessions at Ho’okipa last winter. Ricardo’s girlfriend Diana Wood and photographer Paul Karaloides filmed the action. Was it worth the session? The wave windsurfing style of these days is way different, but Ricardo tried to show his typical style also on this board. He shows great bottom turns and powerful cutbacks.

Ricardo Campello: A few months ago I was looking thru facebook marketplace on Maui and I found this really cool Naish Hawaii board. The guy was selling it for 50$. I offered him 30$ and he accepted it. The board was pretty much brand new. Initially I bought the board just to keep it and hang it on a wall one day, but then I got curious to see how it feels to sail it. Check the whole video as I had 2 or 3 sessions. It’s edited chronologically so my sailing gets better towards the end when I get more used to it! I will make another video talking about how it feels and hopefully have a chance to use an old sail as well. I’d also like to do some jumps next time.

Ricardo Campello windsurfs with a Naish Hawaii Custom Board from the 90ties in Ho’okipa, Maui, Hawaii – Video

Filmed by Diana Wood & Paul Karaloides