10 days on Sylt are over. 10 days of action and results in all disciplines. Iballa Moreno and Alex Mussolini are the winners of the wave competition. Matteo Iachino won the Slalom competition and Gollito Estredo the freestyle event and his 7th freestyle world title. 

Watch a clip with the highlights of the event.

PWA Windsurf World Cup Sylt 2016 – Highlight Video


PWA Windsurf World Cup Sylt 2016 – Result

Wave Men
1. Alex Mussolini
2. Thomas Traversa
3. Jaeger Stone
4. Victor Fernandez

Wave Women
1. Iballa Moreno
2. Daida Moreno
3. Sarah-Quita Offringa
4. Amanda Beenen

Freestyle Men
1. Gollito Estredo
2. Amado Vrieswijk
3. Adrien Bosson
4. Dieter van der Eyken
5. Yentel Caers


Slalom Men
1. Matteo Iachino
2. Gonzalo Costa Hoevel
3. Julien Quentel
4. Ross Williams