Watch insane action from the stormy first day of the PWA Freestyle World Cup at Podersdorf in Austria produced by Manu Grafenauer and his crew. The little village Podersdorf got hit by a strong storm front with wind gusts up to 80 kilometers per hour. 47 of the world’s best freestyle windsurfers had a big fight with the extremely choppy lake. Gollito Estredo was the best rider in the stormy conditions. He defeated  his team mate Adrien Bosson and even had to borrow a smaller sail from his team mate Max Matissek. On his 4,8m it would have been almost impossible to land his tricks. Congrats to Gollito and all other riders, who managed to show such a great performance in that extreme conditions. 

On the second day the double elimination got finished and Gollito Estredo was able to hold off a strong sailing Amado Vrieswijk in the super final. Read more about day 2…

Riding the storm at Lake Neusiedl – PWA Freestyle World Cup Podersdorf 2016 Single Elimination