Mellouet Clock – Julien Mas

Julien Mas stirs up the standard freestyle ranking with his Flaka combos at the 2019 Forsa PWA World Cup in Bonaire and finishes the single elimination at the 2nd place. Check out his combination of a Flaka and a Clock. He calls it Mellouet Clock. Julien says: “All the freestyle windsurfing moves have crazy names. A Kabikuchi is a fish for instance. All moves with a Flaka duck will be Mellouets, dedicated to my good friend Vincent Mellouet, who passed away much too early.”

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Isn’t this a flaka into super stylish 1 handed grubby as although he throws the sail across his body i wouldn’t personally classify it as a duck as his hands never touch the opposite side of the boom. Just my opinion and wondering what others thought. Still a super stylish move!