Marino Gil Gherardi enjoyed the big conditions at Pozo Izquierdo. Very strong wind up to 55+ knots and waves hit the east coast of Gran Canaria during the last days. The 17 year-old lands big one footed Back loops, stalled Forwards, Goiters, Frontside Wave 360s and goes for Klei attempts, all in the massive beach break. This video is another strong sign of the young talented Pozo ripper, who won the PWA wave ranking 2019 in the under 20 men category.

At the moment the local riders, like Marino Gil, Philip Köster, the Moreno Twins or Josep Pons, have way more space in the bay compared to the previous years. No contest happens, almost no international riders arrived, but big conditions arrived at the planned dates for the Gran Canaria Wind & Wave Festival 2002. It would have been another great year of the Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival in epic conditions. Let’s hope that the contest will happen in 2021 and the conditions will be epic, again.

Wave windsurfing conditions at Pozo Izquierdo – 17 year old Marino Gil Gherardi shows big skills in extreme conditions