My first time in Maui – WINDSURFLIFE Episode 2

Maciek Rutkowski (27) released the second video of his new video series called WINDSURFLIFE. The Polish pro travelled to Maui for the first time in his career and shares his experiences. He was always hoping to get invited by one of his sponsors but it never happened. Some did their photo shoots in WA or some didn’t invite him to Maui although they had their shoot there. In autumn 2018 he said, I don’t care, bought the tickets and travelled from Poland to Hawaii in the Pacific, where it’s board short weather all day long.

“This time we’ll go on a trip around Maui to see if it’s as beautiful as they say, find out why I couldn’t get there for 15 years and say hi to the Ho’okipa rocks. Enjoy!” Maciek Rutkowski

WINDSURFLIFE Episode 2 – Maciek Rutkowski travel around Maui and windsurfs at Ho’okipa

camera: Jake Miller – Aerial Video Maui, Anna Sokolenko, Maciek Rutkowski

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Bravo Maciek!