Unfortunately Lena Erdil broke her right lisfranc during a flat Forward Loop landing in Gran Canaria. The 29 year-old Turkish windsurfer had to withdraw from the wave event in Gran Canaria and flew back to Turkey to undergo surgery. The surgery went well and Lena is on her road to recovery and will start with the rehab in the upcoming weeks. We wish Lena all the best to see her back on the water as soon as possible.

“After finishing the slalom World Cup in June this year I decided that this would be a good time to really improve my competitive wave sailing and do all the Wave World Cup events in the canaries this year. Gran Canaria and more specifically Pozo Izquierdo was always the event that I feared the most with its extremely strong onshore winds and many people telling me stories about crash injuries there….Learning new moves in 60 knots is maybe not ideal and in the end exactly what I feared most happened to me, during the contest I landed a forward loop too flat and thereby broke my foot and lisfranc ligament. I had to be carried out the water and took the airplane back home the next day…. But the week leading up to the event was very windy and me and a few of the other girls had the gaol of landing push loops before the contest. In the end even though it was crazy windy, there was only really 1 day with good ramps and actually non of us managed to successfully land them…  But at least I can say that I definitely don’t lack the commitment.  .. and I know I will be back trying them even though it looks like this time it will be later rather then sooner.” Lena Erdil

Lena Erdil’s Vlog #25: Pozo Izquierdo Windsurfing Madness & a broken foot