The IFCA Wave European Championships are on and running in Cold Hawaii, Denmark. This year it’s the IFCA, who runs an international wave event in Denmark. A few big names have signed in for the competition: Philip Köster, Marc Pare, Leon Jamaer, Antoine Martin, Lina Erpenstein, Julian Salmonn, Amado Vrieswijk, Marino Gil Gherardi, Francesco Cappuzzo. They are battling with Denmark’s best wave riders like Kenneth Danielson, Madjs Bjoorna or Mikkel Asmussen.

Marc Pare from Catalonia, Spain won the men’s single elimination and Lina Erpenstein from Germany is on top of the women’s fleet after the single. The competition was held in Hanstholm, Cold Hawaii. It’s a mobile competition. The conditions looked big  with proper rolling towards the shore. Marc Pare impressed with radical wave riding and big jumps.

Results single elimination:


1.Lina Erpenstein
2.Mar de Arce Sanchez
3.Uli Hölzl
4.Caroline Fouveau


1.Marc Pare Rico
2.Julian Salmonn
3.Antoine Martin
4.Philip Köster

Cold Hawaii Games 2019 – Video by FYM Productions about the men single elimination in Hanstholm