Hard Winds a Blowin’ 3 is the next addition of hardcore freestyle windsurfing action by US freestyler Graham Feddersen and Justin Scott. Graham is studying product design at California College of Arts, loves freestyle windsurfing and has a completely different approach of making videos. He is inspired by the 80s and by a video from 1988, called Hard Winds a Blowin’ . This time Graham and Justin captured the action in the Californian Delta.

“It is finally here, the long awaited sequel to the widely acclaimed sequel “Hard Winds a Blowin’ 2″. This time, it’s in the California Delta, where the water is browner, the bass are quick, and the wind is even quicker. I hope you enjoy the video!” (Graham Feddersen)

Hardcore freestyle windsurfing action from the California Delta by Graham Feddersen and Justin Scott