Graham Feddersen is a windsurfer based in the Bay of San Francisco, but originally comes from the east coast. He is currently studying product design at California College of Arts and loves freestyle windsurfing.

He and and his friend Justin, who is studying to become a diesel technician, got inspired by an old but famous windsurfing movie from the late 80s, called “Hard Winds a Blowin’ ” (link to the movie: Hard Winds a Blowin)

Graham: “I had been watching a lot of old windsurfing movies on YouTube and I decided I wanted to make an homage/sequel to the movie that had the funniest name, “Hard Winds a Blowin’ “. The original movie was filmed in 1988, so it’s been a long time coming, but we finally have the sequel to this American windsurfing classic. Clips from Hard Winds a Blown 1′ have been spliced in and state of the art FX have been added to create the authenticity of a VHS buried in your local surf shop’s used wetsuit section. Everyone that was not windsurfing in the video was a paid actor.” 

Yes, and it definitely looks like a movie from the 80s and it is quite different to what everybody in windsurfing is used to see nowadays, apart from some exceptions. Imagine Graham and Balz Müller would work on a video together…

Core Freestyle windsurfing from San Francisco – Hard Winds a Blowin’ 2 by Graham Feddersen