Salomé & Nascimo Fournier spent another summer in Greece, on the beautiful island of Karpathos. 14 year-old Salome starts to slide through Spocks and made her first Kono attempts. 16 year-old brother Nascimo picked up many new moves like the Burner, Skopu, Forwards,… They enjoyed their time riding at Paradise bay, Chicken bay, Luv bay and at a secret spot. But there were a bunch of young freestyle kids and they all shared a lot of sessions on the water, even during full moon. It’s always great to see young windsurfing talents, who love to practice freestyle moves all day long or talk about moves while imitating them on land. That’s pure freestyle, living for the next move.

“Above all, we like to spend good times with friends: windsurfing, but also watermelons on the beach, pitas at the tavern and guitar sounds under the moon! Every morning we check the strength of the wind on the spot where the camper van is placed. During the day the wind tends to vary. We several times change the spot. Sometimes we sail at 4 spots on the same day (yes, it happens that we rig 4 times per day …!) We start at Luv Bay or Secret Spot because the wind looks very strong, then we move to Paradise Bay when it gets lighter a bit and we end with an evening session in Chicken Bay, … before the barbecue in a creek on the sand, under the stars!” Salomé & Nascimo Fournier about their summer trip to Karpathos, Dodecanese


Greek Style 2018 – freestyle windsurfing action from Karpathos