Right now the European Freestyle Tour final takes place in Brouwersdam in the Netherlands. The European freestyle champion title got already awarded to Belgian Yentel Caers, who has just received the PWA Freestyle World Champion 2019 title, too. 

Today, Thursday 10, the single elimination got completed and Steven van Broeckhoven, who spent so many days in his career at Brouwersdam won the single elimination against Italian Giovanni Passani. Steven, the 34 year-old former PWA freestyle World Champion and several times EFPT winner, won the heat with the highest heat score and move score of the day. Giovanni Passani, the number 10 on the PWA tour, didn’t give up till the end and was just a few points behind Steven in the end. Amado Vrieswijk won the losers final against Yentel Caers, who was ill after Sylt. Amado showed big moves and secured the third place in the single elimination.

DAM-X Day 2 – Single Elimination


Steven van Broeckhoven about the single elimination victory:

“It’s really nice to win the single elimination. I am really happy to be on the podium. That was my goal! But it’s not over. Tomorrow the wind will be stronger for the double elimination.”


Results Men:

1. Steven van Broeckhoven
2. Giovanni Passani
3. Amado Vrieswijk
4. Yentel Caers
5. Balz Müller, Davy Scheffers, Sam Esteve, Taty Frans
9. Adrien Bosson, Antoine Albert, Felix Volkhardt, Jacopo Testa, Lennart Neubauer, Marco Lufen, Mattia Fabrizi, Nil Bacon


In the ladies fleet Dutch Maaike Huvermann, who just got fit in time recovering from a chest infection, won the final with a point difference of 2 points only against a strong performing Arrianne Aukes. 14 year-old Slovenian Lina Erzen, who spent almost the whole summer on the Canary Islands, won against 15 year-old French freestyle talent Salome Fournier.


Results Ladies:

1. Maaike Huvermann
2. Arrianne Aukes
3. Lina Erzen
4. Salome Fournier
5. Lisa Kloster, Margo Kurvink, Eva Wyss, Sterre Meijer

Ladies podium single elimination DAM-X 2019

Double elimination pro men

The double elimination for the pro men started in the afternoon around 2.00pm. 15 man on man heats got completed. 15 to 16 heats need to be sailed. It will take around 4.5 hours to complete the men double elimination at the DAM-X in Brouwersdam, but the wind forecast is looking promising. Stormy conditions with wind from south western direction will hit the area.
The top ranked riders are still in! It’s not only a battle for the event victory, but also for the remaining third place on the podium in the EFPT overall ranking. Yentel has secured first place and Jacopo Testa is in safe second position. At the moment with the ranking from the single elimination Giovanni Passani would take the third place overall. Steven has a chance to make it on the podium overall, too. 

Double elimination pro men EFPT Brouwersdam after day 2


Youth results EFPT Brouwersdam DAM-X

The juniors in both age groups sailed a full double elimination. Lennart Neubauer won the under 16 and Nil Bacon the under 18 category.

French freestyle talent Nil Bacon wins in the under 18 Youth category at Brouwersdam

Result Juniors under 16 (after a double elimination)

1. Lennart Neubauer
2. Tijmen Meijer
3. Tigo Cort
4. Bodhi Kempen
5. Val Erzen
6. Luka Stomp
7. Ancor Sosa Kather, Patrickson Coffie
9. Terence Clappers


Result Juniors under 18 (after a double elimination)

1. Nil Bacon (won in a super final against Marconi)
2. Eugenio Marconi
3. Sefan de Bell
4. Tim Gerdes
5. Tim Gregeric
6. Raphael Bauer
7. Lauren van Liempd