Double Pushloop Crash – Antoine Martin

Antoine Martin from Guadeloupe is famous for his crazy multiple Pushloop rotations. And yesterday was the day: During his evening windsurfing session at Pozo Izquierdo Antoine rotated through this Double Pushloop attempt. It was the first time we saw this move live and we are pretty happy we captured it.
He told us it was his 5th attempt and he can’t wait to try it again. I asked him if he has control in the air and he said: “Yes, I know what to do and know where I am. The only problem is that I don’t know how high I am during the second rotation, what makes the landing difficult. But in this attempt I landed on my back, so actually I was a bit too high.”

We are sure he will land it soon.

Double Pushloop Crash by Antoine Martin


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Hello Antoine.
Yeah ! Dimitri is right, don’t kill yourself. So, I think you have to use more the camera to know what you are doing exactly in this crazy rotation.
Is there anyone to help Martin for is reach for the graal ?


Certainly looks landable by a daredevil like Antoine. Reminds me of the early double forward attempts by Teriitehau that were WAY more radical than what the actual double forward looks like. But it did set the wheel moving. Good job Antoine, help the sport evolve (but don’t kill yourself doing it please)!