Don’t let go is a windsurfing DVD produced by Florian Jung from Saarbruecken, Germany. Florian travelled with his crew to ten different countries, from Morocco to Maui, from Peru to Guadeloupe, and captured all aspects of being a pro windsurfer. From travelling to remote destinations, riding the biggest waves, competing on the world tour, suffering serious injuries and fighting hard to come back. There are good and bad times- whatever it is. Keep your dreams alive and don’t let go. The main actors are Boujmaa Guilloul, Robby Swift, Camille Juban and Flo Jung.


Presenting the movie on stage.


Recently Flo Jung had organized several premieres in 4 German cities, Saarbrücken, Munich, Hamburg and Kiel. At each premiere 150 – 200 people showed up to watch the movie. Robby Swift ran a premiere in Chilef and Camille Juban did a movie premiere tour in Japan in December


Boujmaa, one of the protagonists in Don’ let go, signs a movie poster.


“I am pretty happy with the outcome of the film and the feedback was great so far. Our first premiers at my hometown Saarbruecken was fully sold out and we are going to have more screenings in the next weeks. See you at the SURF party during the BOOT tradeshow in Düsseldorf, where we will run a premiere on January 19th!” Florian Jung

“The past month haven’t been easy for us and the title “Dont let go” is the best way to describe it. Now, it feels really good  to finally see all the efforts and energy on screen. Hope you like it…”


Successful premiere of Don’t let go at Saarbruecken, Germany.

Making of in Northern Peru (Photo: Maxime Houyvet)




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