Day 3 was another very windy day at the PWA Gran Canaria Winds and Waves Festival 2018. The wind was gusting up to 45knots and the waves were big. The women completed their single elimination and braved the extreme conditions in the rough bay of Pozo Izquierdo. The waves got bigger and bigger during the pushing tide and there were big sets rolling into the bay during the final heats.

Once again it was local and event organizer Daida Moreno, who won the single elimination. Her toughest rival was Sarah-Quita Offringa in the semifinals. Daida won by less than a half point and made it into the winners final, where she sailed against her twin sister Iballa, who defeated Justyna Sniady in the semis. Daida, who had the high score of the day in her first heat of the event – she reached almost 35 points (34.99)- showed great consistency in all her heats and defeated Iballa in jumps and waves. It was a close battle in the jumps with just one point difference but the difference in wave riding was clear. Daida scored 14.37 points for her rides and Iballa just 6.5 points.

We were impressed by the solid performances of the ladies in that difficult, windy conditions. There are a few ladies now, who can make it on the podium. The fleet not only grows, also the overall performances improved. Lina Erpenstein, Justyna Sniady, Steffi Wahl or Nayra Alonso are the names to mention and definitely will try everything to finish on the podium. But Sarah-Quita Offringa and the Morenotwins will do everything to hold off their contenders in the double elimination.

Big congrats to Daida Moreno for winning the single elimination at her home spot and showing a wave ride with 10 points including a clean Taka.

Highest Scoring Women Heat Single Elimination – Daida Moreno

Single Elimination Top 3 Women – Statements